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Monday, October 11, 2010



I must be crazy as still blogging although have the loads of incomplete assignments and tests revision. Well, today is a special date with triple 10~ Haha, my day was begun with the delicious breakfasts bought by my dad- my favourite popiah + tauhu hua from morning market. Then, I received a shocking news from my two old friends who announced their relationship via fb. WOW.. unbelievable as they were from different secondary schools although had been gone to same class, same primary school before. A nice date to dating right?Haha...imagination~

10 things/ person I would like to address my appreciation:

  1. Buddha- for giving me life =>
  2. Mom and dad- for the heredity they make me the person I am today, their time, guidance, money and love they spent/spend on me.
  3. The Earth- providing me the essences to stay alive =)
  4. Happy Tree Friends (YY, CT)- the sweet memories we have
  5. Friends (Jessi, Kenny, Tee Zheng, Calvin Tee, HH, Val, Vonz, Shan and others...) - for lending me their hands when I need help
  6. My housemates, especially Hui En who lends me the shoulders to cry on when in need!
  7. Joel- for the existing challenges that I am trying to face everyday..train my patience,tolerance and efforts of understanding a person
  8. Blog- Without the territory to fill my sorrows and happinesses, I might have none elsewhere to put down my daily mask~
  9. Books- that make me being knowledgeable to certain senses...filling up my free time!
  10. Art- My life is full of colour! fun!