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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Annoying Visitor

Today is Black Thursday! The heavy rains poured right after jogging with my mom at Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) for one round and we had the Hobson's choice to run towards the car park within a short period. On the way running towards the car park, we could see many aunties and uncles who had the strong spirits were still insisted to continue their canopy trail at FRIM even though the dark clouds could be seen above our heads along with strong wind and rains. We got back home and we were shocked to find that the floor of the living room was dirty with sands asunder. As usual, my mom kept mumbling that the great act was done by my sis who wore shoes in the living room.

Okay, the climax of the story of the day is... During this depressing weather, the best activity to have at home will be sleeping. I took a nap around noontime, and I was awaken by sensing something was dropped on my legs. ( I felt blessed as having blanket covered my body as usual). Huh.. I went down from the bed and found a dark piece of stuffs on the floor. It looked like a poop of animals! It's weird as my mom just mopped the floor few minutes ago. Hmm.. After having lunch with mom, I continued with my computer work + tvb drama session. Out of sudden, I found a black stuff looking at me from the corner of my eyes. Perhaps my scream had made it frightened, and it ran towards my bed! At the same time, I found the poop on the same place that I just cleaned off just now! AH.. Disaster!

Gosh! It's neither Jerry nor Mickey Mouse that were created by Walt Disney!

 jerry Pictures, Images and Photos

It's a real creature, a real mouse!
...And it's huger than the mouse below!

Finding the fat mouse was the activity of day later! Mom asked me to lock the mouse inside my room!Ish!!! I thought the poop was from lizard or smaller animal! I moved out my clothes, laptop and cellphone from my room with the hope that my dad will catch the mouse when he's back from work later.

Huh... The night time was terrible. Along with the spoilage of lamps in kitchen, mom cooked the meals with candle lights, and I had my first attempt to wash dishes in the pitch dark surrounding with the only aid- the candle lights. The war against the mouse was unsuccessful! My dad kicked the furniture, luggage, cupboards and my bed in the room, hoping that the emitted noise could attract the mouse out. My dad just said," the mouse had disappeared la...you see, no mouse coming out", then he went downstairs. Thanks to my mom who came up to help me to pull out the stuffs to check if the mouse still there! Huh.. okay, with no finding in my room and another poop found in living room, we assumed that the mouse should have been leaving my room to living room and escaped away already!

It was a sleepless night! I couldn't fall asleep as scaring that the annoying visitor may still exist in my room. I guessed my dad was right, it's time to lodge a complaint to DBKL as the neighbour is being over-selfish! There's high probability that the mouse were come from there. Ish.. I couldn't understand why he could maltreat his dogs, place many stuffs at the lanes and disallow others to park cars at there by claiming that the lane belongs to him! I hope he could buy more mouse traps! I HATE MOUSE COMING TO VISIT ME!