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Sunday, July 22, 2012

What can I do with Sony Cyber-shot WX100 in my daily life?

In this competitive era, everyone zealously looks for Fast, Convenient, High-technological gadgets such as digital single-lens reflex(DSLR) camera, mirorless interchangeable-lens camera,micro four thirds camera,digital camera, ipad and the onslaught of smartphones or androids with inbuilt camera nowadays. However, digital camera manufacturers especially Sony places unremitting efforts in developing more and more digital cameras which match the quality of lenses of photographers with the trendy and stylish design, rich with features, light body of a pocket, point-and-shoot device. Well, subscribing to the title, let's see what can I do with Sony Cyber-shot WX100 in my daily life with some reasons that I will choose this camera instead of getting myself a smartphone with camera feature. Uh.. till now, I haven't own a digital camera yet =(

1) Capturing The Moments of Enchantment

Sony Cyber-shot WX100  has impressive 10x Optical Zoom, 18.2MP “Exmor R™” CMOS sensor for more clarity in low-light conditions, as well as enhanced Optical SteadyShot for blur-free shots. The unique back-illuminated technology is utilized and its sensitivity towards light is twice much more than the conventional CMOS sensor, hence it guarantees marvellous quality of the photos that look crisper, sharper, clearer and with extremely low noise. 

With these benefits, I could capture unprecedented moments either indoor or outdoor (e.g capturing with family, friends, nature and etc.) without having to worry about the blurry and noisy photos. I used to find the photos I took with my phone or other brands of camera looked abit dark due to the insubstantial lighting of the surrounding. With this reliable camera which relies less on flash lighting, I could have evening snapshots that looks clear and romantic! Another alternative i.e. set the scene mode to handheld twilight mode which can enable me to capture extraordinary clean, sharp photos in dim light situation without tripod or flash too.

Succinctly stated, Sony Cyber-shot WX100 is a point-and-shoot digital camera that works well in low or dim light and reduce the blurriness and noise of photos which enables me to capture all once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Capture, Cherish and Treasure each moments of enchantment!

2) Draw Nearer to The Real Scene

The 10x Optical Zoom lens of Sony Cyber-shot WX100 draws a nearer distance of me towards the real scene. For instance, snapshots are available from a distance when I am an audience in live performances or concerts. I don't need to get nearer to the stage but able to capture the super idols =) 

Besides that, it makes possible to capture me with the crystal clear and blue sea; mountains as if I happen to be at the real spot of the venue.The optical zoom which able to magnify the images, permitting me to capture myself with some cute animals like monkeys, birds, giraffes and etc. in wildlife parks without risking my life to get nearer to the animals. I scare my blonde will get pulled by the monkeys if I get nearer to them. Moreover, this camera just congenial enough to capture me with travelling spots (e.g. buildings, theme parks, Ferris wheel and etc.) if I go travelling alone. 

20x clear image zoom function compliments the 10x Optical Zoom lens of Sony Cyber-shot WX100 permitting indoor photography with excellent picture quality possible without decreasing the pixel count. As a student, I had the Hobson's Choice to capture down the slide presentation images as I got the seats at the back of the classes which create difficulties for me to copy down the notes or lecturer is speedy in teaching sometimes. This optical zoom is the biggest feature missing from most smartphones or mobile phones that only has digital zoom which often create graininess, poor color, coloured dots and fuzzy photos. I will utilize Sony Cyber-shot WX100 to capture the notes and slide presentation images for own references. 

The picture below shows the effectiveness of 10x Optical Zoom lens of Sony Cyber-shot WX100: 

With Sony Cyber-shot WX100, I able to capture this kind of photos without relying on photo-editor software to zoom my photo after capturing next time:

10x Optical Zoom lens of Sony Cyber-shot WX100 able to capture subjects from far distance!

To summarize, Sony Cyber-shot WX100 brings distant subjects closer to me!

3) Optimizing Exposure with Photography

Although I am not a professional photographer, yet I always take frame-fitting snapshots. The frame-fitting snapshots here include self-capturing photos and  larger manifestation of any objects that I want to capture such as leaves with various pattern, lines and textures which able to be captured with 20x clear image zoom and 10x Optical Zoom lens of Sony Cyber-shot WX100. 

The collection of texture photography I took with the camera which was spoilt two years ago.
I think  images with larger manifestation of objects are available with  the impressive optical zoom lens and clear image zoom lens of Sony Cyber-shot WX100! 

Apart from leaves, I like to capture foods prior to enjoy the deliciousness of the foods. If I have to write a review on a well-seasoned black pepper chicken, Sony Cyber-shot WX100 is perfectly appropriate to be used for capturing the juices oozing out from black pepper chicken and the black pepper chicken's texture and crispiness. 

4) Making Subjects Shine under The Spotlight

Making subjects shine under the spotlight- HIGH SPEED AUTOFOCUS! Within 0.13 seconds in optimal light conditions and 0.21 seconds in low light conditions, the advanced auto focus feature of Sony Cyber-shot WX100 ( with a combination of 3 technologies encompassing newly developed lens, "Exmor R™" CMOS Sensor and BIONZ Imaging Processor) are going to allow me to accurately shoot speedy or swift moments like when people cycling past on bicylces, jumping and (or) running, dribbles-dropping and (or) flow of water, fishes swimming and etcetera. Another interesting part of this feature is the high responsiveness of the camera towards the changes in expression of people. Cool! And yea, I don't wish to risk missing out the special moments with a slow camera.

Action photography and photogenic expression of people that we love are available to be snappable by using Sony Cyber-shot WX100 with its flawless, high speed autofocus! Smile Shutter of the camera also automatically takes pictures when people smile!

AUTOFOCUS! Smile! Capture! ....and nobody gets left out =)

5) For Pleasurable Entertainment and Enhance Creativity

This excellent digital camera has a handful of aperture settings (F3.3/F8.0(W), 2 steps with ND Filter) / Program Auto(F3.3/F8.0(W), 2 steps with ND Filter ) that I can toy around with, and it includes a panorama mode! I am fond of taking panoramic photos of things hence I am so excited of the intelligent sweep panorama and underwater sweep panaroma functions which surreptitiously slithering into this newly designed camera! Stunning landscape shots either vertical or horizontal are now possible to be accomplished with Sony Cyber-shot WX100! 

Apart from panaroma mode, I will be able to enhance creativity by adding effects to my photos as 9 picture effect modes ( HDR painting, rich-tone monochrome, miniature, toy camera, pop colour, partial colour, soft high-key, water color, illustration) are available in this camera as shown in the video below. Enhanced creativity  and style of any photos can be achieved just by choosing any from the range of effects below!

Photographic arts are easily created by adding these effects to the photos with camera saving them automatically!
 Easy and convenient!

The splendid scene selection such as gourmet, snow, fireworks and underwater is going to give me pleasurable entertainment too! Last but not least, 3D effects including 3D still images, 3D sweep panaroma, 3D Sweep multi-angle are available in Sony Cyber-shot WX100! Well, I always eager to own a digital camera so that I can capture breathtaking and spectacular 3D photos! In fact, 3D photos make the subjects or scenery looked more interesting.

In short, all these scene selection, panaroma mode, 3D effects and images effects save my time from editing them by using photo editor software and allow me to upload to social networking sites after I captured the photos satisfactorily. Hmm.. let's not neglecting about the existing on-camera editing features like white-balance, red-eye removal, crop, resize and etc. 

6) Take Sparkling Photos of My Arts and Self-portraits

If you ever notice the WIX widget on the top of my blog, I used to draw, create some art crafts (e.g. bookmarks, voodoo dolls, greeting cards and etc.) and create some images or banners for my blog. It is inevitable for wasting time to use many type of photo-editor software to perk my arts up using the 9 picture effects mode and background defocus shooting mode. The background defocus shooting mode is also one of the stupendous feature that engenders me so eager to own this camera!

The blurry images were captured with my cellphone's inbuilt camera. Sigh.. 

Sometimes, I really feel disappointed with the outcome of photos by using my cellphone's inbuilt camera. I hope to have Sony Cyber-shot WX100 which has the professional style sensor which can help reducing image noise for unsurpassed pictures even in low-light (especially when I want to capture my arts.)

Just my 2 cents about the Background defocus mode of Sony Cyber-shot WX100:

I opine that background defocus mode can make the arts more stand-out and stunning. Blurred background produces exceptional effects that can clearly differentiate the subjects I wish to capture especially the arts! Indubitably, background defocus mode will be the best if I want to self-capture in fitting room! Haha.. 

Apart from DSLR, I think there are very less digital camera has this great background defocus shooting mode so far.

7) Use for Compatible Recording

Full HD movie recording with optical steadyshot (active mode) feature is one of the amazing functionalities of Sony Cyber-shot WX100 too! With this, I will video-recording for my multimedia projects under SIFE, university projects or even record unprecedented performance and public speaking like happened in SIFE National Exposition! 

Hereby, I attach a video-recording project that my group had done for Kenegaraan Subject which I hope to own a digital camera to do the similar multimedia projects in future. Another video was recorded by my seniors which are impossible to be done by using our mobile devices which can only capture less than 3 minutes or with unclear and blurry outcomes.

Kenegaraan Subject Video

The video above recorded by my seniors using digital camera too!

Apart from video-recording for multimedia projects of university and clubs, I am going to utilize  Sony Cyber-shot WX100 for recording some precious moments too! As stepping into the age of 20's, many friends and relatives (cousins) are getting married. This digital camera suits the best for recording the precise, special and unmissable moments from preparation of weddings till the end of wedding ceremony with the use of zoom lens, optical image stabilization and the capability to capture steadily! The effects of camera-shakes could be greatly reduced.

8) As The Most Appealing and Handy Savvy to Bring Along With

As Sony Cyber-shot WX100 is just 17.5mm thin and just weighted 124g with memory stick and battery, I am wishing to have this sleek design camera to slip comfortably inside my pocket or handbag each time I go out. I opine that Sony Cyber-shot WX100 is going to be the most appealing and handy savvy to bring along with compared to a DSLR which is heavier and more expensive. It is suitable for me who prefer to keep my belonging safe and not being the target for snatch thief. So I am looking for a small but useful and trendy digital camera!

This savvy is going to be taken out and utilized fully whenever I want to capture subjects, objects and moments that attract the lens of my eyes. 

Finally, let's have a view on the image below:

It comes in various colours i.e.   white, pinkbrown, silver and black.

*Note: Sony Cyber-shot WX100 is same as Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX100 ( Some countries prefer to use the latter brand name, and vice versa. )

To sum up, I have created some short descriptions on the benefits of Sony Cyber-shot WX100 using the abbreviation of DSC-WX100:

D- Dual records available for stills and movies ( time-saving) 
S- Superior quality of photos with18.2MP “Exmor R™” CMOS sensor for more clarity in low-light conditions, as well as enhanced Optical SteadyShot for blur-free shots.
C- Compact and light-body weight
W- Water housing capability 
X10x Optical Zoom with 20x Clear Image Zoom
1- 18.2 effective Megapixels
0- 0.13 seconds (in optimal light conditions) for high speed autofocus 
0- 09 picture effect modes for easy touch up andon-camera editing

Yea, I am taking part in Sony Cyber-shot National Blogger Festival and Contest 2012 that is organized by YouthsToday.com ! Come and join the contest @ http://www.youthstoday.com/py/the_pyevent/sony-cyber-shot-national-blogger-fest-and-contest-2012.

Hopefully I could win Sony Cyber-shot WX100  =)

The details of the contest is shown below:

For more information about the camera's specifications, please visit:

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