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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Reunion with University Friends @ Wufu Chok Dee Thai Restaurant & Victorious Cafe

The distance and lapse of time hadn't weaken the friendship bond of us and most of us from North, K.L. and South coming over to Batu Pahat for a short reunion and to pass our internship log book. I had thought of jotting a short review of Wufu Chok Dee Thai Restaurant during my first visit, however I decided to leave a blog post when there's better moment.

Notably, Wufu Chok Dee Thai Restaurant which was famous in the town had been chosen to be dined at.
It's definitely the best moment with great foods and great friends. Nevertheless, it was also putting an end to our university life as the final task i.e. internship log book had passed to lecturer successfully.

The Thailand cuisines here were splendid and scrumptious with authenticity. By the way, anyone had even mis-pronounced the name of the restaurant to "Chor Dai Dee" i.e. the card game.

Tom Yum Seafood Soup which had appropriate sourness and spiciness.
Generous portion of fresh prawns, squids,mushrooms and other ingredients were found in this big pot of tom yum seafood soup.

A closer look of the big pot of tom yam soup (RM18)

Pineapple fried rice which was the next dish that had delighted much.
It was tasted nearly like the fried rice that my mom cooked. Well, awesome dish!
BBQ Pork with Iced Fresh Kale served with dippings

The BBQ Pork was marinated well and remained tender and juicy at each bite. We had been wondered if we had been given chicken meat instead of pork as the meats are really tender and appetizing. There was a glass of water being served along with this dish and we were still doubted the usage of the glass of water ( unsure if it's juice or...).

Victorious Cafe was the next venue for our girls'cozy chat. Well, the delectable cakes with good friends would make the night ends with smile on each face of us.

The presence of you all had made my journey in university life becoming meaningful.
I miss you guys and hope for the next meet up ;)

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