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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Review on Macau Souvenirs- Indulgence with Pastries from Koi Kei Bakery (鉅記餅家)

Koi Kee Bakery is a wildly popular franchise in Macau known for their local specialties. Ubiquitous pastries from Koi Kee Bakery; Macau were the biggest shopping haul during my visit to Macau. It's often a great experience when free samplings were provided and I've ended up bringing back 3 big packets of pastries from Koi Kee Bakery for my family.

1. Almond cookies

As stated in my blog review earlier, Macau Koi Kei Almond Cookies are the best almond cookies I have tasted. The renowned almond cookies with whole almond within and I often crave for another piece after finishing one. Each almond cookie has sufficient amount of almond bits and a whole almond, giving it extra crunch. 

2. Portuguese style pineapple pastry

15 individual packing of pineapple pastries are in a nice packaging. Its packaging has me remembering the pineapple pastries from Taiwan too.

Hexagon-shaped pineapple pastry which is packed with strong taste of pineapple filling.
Thankfully, it's with fair sweetness.

Wife cakes from Koi Kei has flaky skin (less flaky than Hang Heung's) topping with some white sesames. The winter melon filling of the wife cakes have just the right amount of sweetness. and it has lesser pork lard smell.

4. Almond Pastry ( Almond Flakes)

Puff-like, flakky almond pastry with a light almond topping. Koi Kei Bakery has machinery-made and hand-made, I had chosen the latter one. This delicious almond flake crumbles at the slightest touch (bite) and it's not too sweet for me. The top layer of the almond flake cookies are sugar crusted almonds with crispy layers beneath.

A crumbly texture yet crunchy at each bite of flaky almond pastry.
Undoubtedly, I couldn't resist to have more crunches of these almond flakes.

5.  Koi Kei Bakery's Signature Egg Rolls

The signature egg rolls from Koi Kei Bakery does not fail my expectation. Crispy egg rolls with nice and strong egg flavor. The egg roll sheets are thin, contributing a tender crust and a crumbly finish.

6. Peanut candy

There are few versions of peanut candies offered by Koi Kei Bakery such as chewy type, crunchy type, with sesames, with shredded coconut and etc. I had bought the crunchy type. It's quite similar to the ones we could obtain in Malaysia. 

Hard sugar candies embedded with shredded peanuts.
Crispy peanut candies are the perfect snacks when you're bored at work.

7. Macau Museum of Souvenir - contains Black sesame biscuit, walnut cookie, peanut candies.

A box pertaining 4 types of cookies produced by Koi Kei Bakery had been given due to the huge purchase I had in Macau. I personally love the black sesame biscuit very much. Notably, I just found that Macau Museum of Souvenir was the 1st museum which was souvenirs-themed and founded on July 19, 2011. Perhaps give a try when visit to Macau in future?

Other Macau specialties from 澳门牌坊手信

Pork floss egg rolls and seaweed + pork floss egg rolls which are crispy could be obtained from the nearby pastry shops in Macau too. The one we tried from 澳门牌坊手信 tasted nice and much cheaper compared to Koi Kei pastries.

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