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Friday, January 15, 2016

Backstreet Cafe 小巷咖啡館@ Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru

The BackStreet Cafe (小巷咖啡馆) is like a hidden gem located behind  “Big Bowl” dessert stall (大碗汞和) at Taman Pelangi.  The cafe is literally located at backstreet, a typical corner shop-lot which is hardly spotted. I'm amazed by the lady boss who utilize the basement area, carving out cozy place occupying less than 25 cafe-hoppers.

The exterior had decorated with colorful wind wheels, yellow flowers, purple lavenders and lamp posts, offering an old-European themed garden. Anyway, beware while stepping into this cafe as you could easily hit your own head due to the low ceiling at the entrance. 

The exterior 

Source: http://angiekayexplorer.com/ 

The interior of the calm, cosy, quirky basement cafe. Perhaps the lady boss likes Europe very much. Many wall paintings and pillows featuring Paris Eiffel Tower, old traditional lamps and old music player had spotted. Few plush toys had been placed as decoration, giving a homely feel when stepping into this backstreet cafe.

We chose to dine at this cozy area ; typically a hidey hole which could accommodate around 5-6 person. We opine the signboard “好好活着,因为会死很久”  was quite funny and didn't really match the ambiance and decor. In English translation, it's saying that live well because will die for a long time. We had great fun by capturing photos with the decoration.

A few choices of waffles, cakes and crepes were available. We had chosen the hot flower tea and red date tea instead of coffees. We shall return to try Backstreet Cafe's coffee next time.

Overall, it's a pleasant dining experience at backstreet cafe.
The cozy ambiance is great for chilling out with friends and chit-chatting. 

Backstreet Cafe 小巷咖啡館
No 28-A,Jalan Abiad 1,Johor,
Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru,