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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Korean Fried Chicken @ 22 Korea Fried Chicken Factory 韓國炸雞工廠

22 Korean Fried Chicken Factory was one of our stops during Johor Bahru food trail in December.
We were lucky to spot this shop after driving around Mount Austin for few rounds as the direction (address) was very vague. Korean Fried Chicken had become a food phenomenal due to the hit Korean drama My Love From The Star in which the main characters Do Min-jun and Chun Song-yi having their favorite food i.e. fried chicken and beer (maekju).

The sign board 

Extensive range of Korean cuisines are available in 22 Korea Fried Chicken Factory 韓國炸雞工廠 such as main course (Kimchi Fried Rice, Korean Jajangmyun Set,yopokki) and their signature fried chicken with different types of sauces like crispy, garlic, gangjeong, Bul dak and Hot BBQ flavors . French fries, chicken nuggets, potato wedges, drumsticks, burger were available here too. I wonder if KFC will come out with Korean version fried chicken!

The interior design is all-in-one factory concept with shelves, long chairs and containers are used as chairs. Korean merchandises, tidbits and snack foods were sold here too.

Menu are shown at the entrance

It was almost 4pm when we found the shop and long queue was formed in front of the counter.The ordering process was done at the counter and we were given a "beeping UFO” which will vibrate signifying the ordered food were ready. The wait was about 20 minutes. Let's look at the food we ordered now. We chose chicken wings set, chicken drumsticks and 22 signature burger. Paper cups were given to fill our ordered drinks ourselves. By the way, there were no beers served here.

Interior decoration
Each of us were given a plastic glove so that we will not make our hands dirty when eating the fried chickens. Well, not a good idea as I still like the "licking good" concept of KFC chicken.Anyway, compared to KFC chicken, 22 Korea Fried Chicken Factory's chicken wings and chicken drumsticks have less batter used when fried, hence less oily. 

Left: The fried chicken wings and chicken drumsticks [ Garlic soy sauce and Hot BBQ ]
Right: Burger with potato wedges (belonged to value set of fried chicken wings)

The chicken wings coated with garlic flavour, nicely fried and crispy. The skin of chicken drumsticks was fried to a crackly crisp with a layer of savory spicy-sweet marinade. The burger didn't fail our expectation either. Tender chicken meat which had well-marinated, you will definitely want to have more bites of it!Each of us were still hungry after eating, perhaps we shall order main course to share during next visit.

22 Korea Fried Chicken Factory 韩国炸鸡工厂
Address: 51 Jalan Austin Height 8/1 Taman Mount Austin 91100 Johor Bahru
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 12pm to 3pm; 6pm to 1030pm