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Monday, April 4, 2016

Super Hokkien Mee, Nyonya Kuih Muih and Yam Cake @ 和喜茶室 One Corner Cafe; Jalan Bawasah in Penang

If you love to eat prawns, prawn noodles or hokkien mee is definitely a must-try hawker delicacy when you visit Penang. Southern states used to call it as prawn noodles due to the aromatic soup which is made by boiling prawn shells and prawn heads together for hours. During the recent visit to Penang for Qing Ming, we chose to have our breakfast at One Corner Cafe which located at Jalan Bawasah which was directly behind the iconic Penang Plaza. 

It’s rather amusing to watch the locals in their haste to score a bowl of Hokkien mee at the stall in One Corner Café. According to my aunt, a bowl of this full-bodied soup stock with a strong aroma of prawns could have up to an hour waiting time. When we placed order to the stall at 7.30am, the hawker had informed that our 6 bowls of hokkien mee will be served within 40-60 minutes.

Apart from the famed hokkien mee, there were a wide selection of Penang delicacies such as Lor Mee, Penang curry noodles, chee cheung fun, yam cake, economic noodles, kueh teow t'ng, bean sprout chicken rice,wantan noodles and etcetera. 

Take a peep on the amount of take-away orders of Supper Hokkien Mee.
This is one of the reason why this place came alive with hustle and bustle.
The seller was busy taking and packing orders; you may easily being told to leave if you cannot tolerate with the long waiting time. 

Kuih kosui

Various Nyonya kuih muih

Kuih talam
This pandan and coconut layered cakes or better known as Kuih Talam was a common Nyonya Kuih. However, I found that only Penang's Kuih Talam has a much springy texture of the green layer and fragrant coconut layer.

Kuih kosui (Pandan and dark palm sugar flavor). 
It's sweet, soft and chewy topped with lightly salted fresh of coconut. 
Penang local coffee was the nice match with Nyonya Kuih.
Pulut tai tai complemented with kaya, kuih talam, kuih bingka ubi
(taken back to home as our tea-time snacks)
The yam cake, or more affectionately known to locals as or kueh was ordered to fill the emptiness of our stomachs while waiting for hokkien mee. The texture of the steamed yam cake is very soft, made of yam cubes. The yam cake was topped with generous amount of deep fried shrimps, shallots, white sesame,chili slices and scallions, providing a boost of flavor and fragrance while eating. 

The famous hokkien mee was finally served after 40 minutes waiting time. Super Hokkien Mee's hokkien mee was much spicier and you could request the seller not to place extra spoonful chili paste. Slurping down a strong prawn taste of the soup was great! Pork ribs and fresh prawns were used as the base after the prawn shells had been boiled for a few hours giving it a rich, meaty flavor. The hokkien mee was garnished with crispy fried onions, shallots, lean pork slices and 5-6 prawns. The steaming bowl of hokkien mee had me left with satisfying stomachs.

One Corner Cafe 和喜茶室
2, Jalan Bawasah (Behind Penang Plaza)
10050 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 7:30am onwards (Closed on Tue)