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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Thai Cuisines @ Khuntai Authentic Thai Restaurant; Kepong

Khuntai Authentic Thai Restaurant is one of the famous dining spot in Kepong for those who want to tame their taste buds with Thai foods. The restaurant was often seen crowded when we dined at nearby Chinese restaurants therefore we decided to try their food during my mom's birthday.

External restaurant was decorated with wooden branches, wooden chairs and tables giving a jungle feel for me. As there were stray cats seen, we preferred to have dinner inside the restaurant instead of the open area.

The old photos of Royal Family of Thailand

The symbol of Thailand- elephant-design creatures could be seen at every corner of the restaurant.
The menu was pretty extensive covering most Southern style Thai food. Some of the waiters here could speak Hokkien language and they even discussed about some of Thai royals' history with my dad. We ordered pineapple fried rice, the signature white tom yam soup with mixed seafood, green curry chicken, stir-fried vegetables and Thai-style vermicelli. 

Pineapple fried rice
The pineapple fried rice was quite tasty with generous amounts of cashew nuts and pineapple cubes.
Taste-wise was quite nice, but lack of the fragrant which I expect from a plate of good fried rice.
I thought they will serve the fried rice in a pineapple like what I often see in Thailand.

Signature White Tom Yam Soup with mixed seafood
Being the signature dish of the Khuntai Authentic Thai Restaurant, it 's one of the famous food which most food patrons ordered here. The clear soup compared to the red tomyam soup we used to drink was less oily and more flavorful. Ingredients of the white tom yam soup were squids, prawns, mushrooms, lemongrass, tomatoes, etc. I would be happier if more seafood were given.

A closer look at the Tom Yam.

Green curry chicken
Green curry chicken was served warm with cabbages, eggplants, long beans, and etc. The green curry broth was rich in creaminess and quite aromatic when it was served. The chicken meats were tender, yet portion of chicken was small. Each of us -6 pax  got a piece of small-sized chicken meat only and we were rather disappointed as the dish was more like green curry with mixed vegetables.

Thai-style vermicelli was ordered as my brother was still hungry.
The vermicelli was nothing much special for me.
Stir-fried vegetables with prawns

Overall, the dinner was just average , not worth the hype. Food portion was quite small and taste-wise wasn't up to my expectation. Anyway, each taste bud is different, perhaps you would find the food tasty. You may check out below address here:

8 Jalan Desa 2/2, Desa Aman Puri
52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia