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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Taiwanese cuisines @ Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant (蓬莱茶房台湾料理); Desa Sri Hartamas

Fong Lye is a chain of restaurants which serves Taiwanese cuisines and most people has compliments for the signature dish i.e. three cups chicken. The first visit of mine was at Mid Valley branch three years ago. Upon the celebration of my dad's birthday, we chose to treat him a hearty chinese-style meal in Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant. We went there around 8pm and the restaurant was very crowded and luckily no queue was seen lining outside.

We were lucky to be seated as the seats were fully occupied after then. After glancing through the menu, we had ordered the following dishes which were shown below. The Pu-Er tea were served while we waiting for our food to be served. 

Yam chunks with minced meats
The yam chunks were stir-fried together with minced pork meats, small prawns and dried shrimps. Flavor and aroma were inextricably linked together for this firstly served dish, making our stomachs growling louder. Well, as usual, cameras "taste" the food first.

Claypot Eggplant with Minced Meat 
Another homely dish which tasted similar to the one cooked by my mom. So, that's nothing much special about this dish, and I would prefer it to be in Sichuan style with some spiciness. Anyway, it's still a succulent dish and surprisingly the dish was not oily.
As green dragon vegetables were not available, the waitress had introduced another similar vegetables to be stir-fried with sliced chickens. It's simple yet delicious. We thought the tastiness was due to MSG, but we weren't thirsty after eating the dishes. 

Bean curd in Claypot with Abalone Clams 
A simple dish comprised of Japanese bean curds, shiitake mushrooms, abalone clams, fish maw, sliced carrots and sweet peas. The gravy was plain and rather plain, yet good to be matched with rice.

3 Variety Supreme Chicken/ Three-cup chicken

The last food served in a bobbling pot was the popular three-cup chicken. After the waiter stirred the chicken with fresh basil leaves, then we started our feast. 

The dish derived its name from three cups of sauces that required to cook this dish including a cup of rice wine, a cup of sesame oil and a cup of soy sauce.Fresh basil leaves, chilies and garlic were added to this Taiwanese culinary triumvirate, contributing an irresistible combination. The chicken meats were tender and flavorful, accompanied with fragrance induced by basil leaves. It's a mouth-watering dish and I had lost my counts on how many chickens I had eaten.

It was a pleasant dining experience and I missed the three-cups chicken.

Busy schedules of both parents and children make it harder to have family dinner nowadays, it has become a precious moment whenever we gather to have a meal home together and celebrate each family member's birthday. There're certainly few things that currency has no value, especially the time spent with family.Well, spend more time with the priceless loved ones!

Happy Birthday, dad!