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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Salmon Fish Fillets Noodles @ Norway Salmon Fish Head Noodles (behind Brem Mall Kepong)

Ever since my mom has changed to have haircut at a new barber shop, we have more choices of meals around the housing area. Norway Salmon Fish Head Noodles at Kepong (挪威三文鱼头米粉) has been recommended by the barber and we have chosen to have our breakfast on this Sunday morning. 

Salmon fish head noodles are the main dish here. However, you could opt for salmon fish fillet, fish cake or fish paste noodles to get rid of the hassle of picking out bones of fish. For non-fish eaters, prawns could be opted as main ingredient. There are 4 choices of soups such as original flavor (milky), curry, hot and sour, and bitter gourd. There's only a choice of noodles i.e. thick rice vermicelli.

Big display of the main dishes

The menu for the Norway Salmon Fish Head Noodles. 

Hot and spicy salmon fish fillet noodles
The blend of light spicy-sourish soup with crispy, tender salmon fish fillet is appetizing. Overall,  for a bowl of fish fillet noodles, a good slurp of spicy and sourish broth alongside with sliced ginger, sliced tomatoes.the salmon fish fillets are in satisfying portion and fresh. 
Fried salmon fish fillet with mayonnaise was served in a separate plate.
As it's not dipped inside the bowl of soup, the meat remains tendered inside yet crispy at the bite.

The original soup-based fish fillet noodles comes well with the thick sourish and peppery soup which is added with evaporated milk in it. Slightly sourish, yet pungent. However, my mom still prefers the original type as salmon fish is not favorable.

It's a simple yet satisfying meal, but considering the price, I am expecting for more ingredients in a bowl of fish fillet noodles. Anyway, salmon fish fillet noodles have been added in gastronomic checklists and I shall try the curry flavor next time.

Norway Salmon Fish Head Noodles,
Jalan Jambu, Taman Batu,
52000 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan