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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Japanese Hanjuku Cheese Tart from Tokyo Secret | Selectable Sushi from Empire Sushi @ Ikano Power Centre

Tokyo Secret, the Japanese Hanjuku Cheese Tart ( Half Baked Cheese Tart ) specialist from Hong Kong had arrived in Malaysia, opening their first outlet in Ikano Power Centre ( IPC ) Shopping Mall. At first, I thought the cheese tarts were originated from Japan due to the Japanese words on the signature yellow packet/ box of Tokyo Secret. Actually the cheese itself was freshly imported from Japan based on the website. Tokyo Secret was a hype here as I often saw long queues waiting to purchase the famous Japanese Hanjuku cheese tarts.

We entered the Tokyo Secret branch @ Ikano Power Centre to try the popular cheese tarts during last weekend.We bought a box of cheese tarts at promotional price at RM29 for 6 cheese tarts. We chose 4 original flavour cheese tarts, 1 matcha flavour and 1 hazelnut-chocolate flavour cheese tart. A complimentary vanilla soft-serve / ice-cream was given with 15 minutes waiting time.

The presentable cheese tarts which were freshly baked from oven.
The wait was about 15 minutes together with the soft serve given.

Hazelnut chocolate flavour cheese tart 
Matcha flavour cheese tart

Original flavour cheese tart
The aroma of the cheese tarts were very attractive and we had tried out 3 different cheese tarts on the spot. The buttery pastry crust was crumbled in the mouth at first bite, followed by the creamy cheese oozing out.  The hazelnut chocolate flavour cheese tart was suitable for those who are sweet-tooth and not so preferable cheese. The crunch of the sugary hazelnut crumb sprinkled on top made it tasted different compared to the another two types of cheese tarts.

On the other hand, the matcha flavor cheese tart was rich with green tea flavour cheese with some red beans. The classic one with original flavour was still being my most favourite cheese tart due to the rich and creamy cheese. The cheese tarts were best eaten when they were freshly baked. As the cheese filling were oozing out, it's advisable to have smaller bite to avoid ending up with a mess. 


We passed by Empire Sushi after tasting the delectable Japanese Hanjuku Cheese Tarts.  I was attracted by the sushi here and had ordered some to try. The price was much cheaper compared to the rest of sushi restaurant and had plenty of choices. There were only limited seats for dining on the spot. We ordered  6 types of sushi and all were very tasty and would like to purchase in near future.

Tasty sushi for quick bites.