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Friday, November 4, 2016

Delectable Pizza, Pastries and Macaroons @ Bread Lounge; GTower Kuala Lumpur

If you're looking for some peaceful and quiet with good quality of desserts for brunch or afternoon tea, Bread Lounge at G Tower fits the bill. The freshly baked breads, gourmet sandwiches, pastries, macaroons and cakes here are delectable have proven Bread Lounge to be another noteworthy hidden gem in Kuala Lumpur. Bread Lounge is a bakery slash cafe on the ground floor of the GTower in Jalan Tun Razak, famous for the pastries, croissants and artisan breads from Chef Eugene (Tanzini/Upper Deck) creations. 

It was my friend's birthday today and we thought of having brunch and afternoon tea at somewhere with good food and exclusively dining ambiance for cozy chat. She was attracted by Bread Lounge which had the high ranking of best cakes in KL featured in TimesOut.com and the photos of artisan breads and cakes in Bread Lounge website were appealing. It's like a hotel lounge for me and Bread Lounge was easy to be spotted with the giant chilies sculptures seen in the center of GTower lounge. 

Bread Lounge; GTower Kuala Lumpur

Stepping in Bread Lounge felt like stepping into a hotel or airport lounge as the overall design looked very high class. We passed through the display counter filled with assorted slices of cakes and flicked through the menu before we seated. It was almost 4pm and there weren't crowded due to it was a busy working day. I felt very delighted to indulge on afternoon tea to relax while others were still on the midday of work.

Each of us chose a cake and each priced at RM 14.90.
Raspberry Yogurt mousse; marble cheese; green tea and bunga kantan opera were our choices of pastries. The raspberry yogurt mousse baked with a handful of fresh raspberries and coated generously with raspberry icing with velvety texture and dark chocolate pieces as design. The design of raspberry yogurt mousse had attracted us to order this and particularly suitable for non-sweet tooth as it has some hint of raspberry sourness.  The marble cheese was well blended with mild chocolate tasted very buttery, soft, melted in our mouth. The taste was pretty straightforward in the sense that the flavor is reminiscent of cheese! This smooth, white appearance or powder-liked marble cheese pastry had the highest vote among us although it looked simple. Green tea and bunga kantan opera; renowned as the signature cake in Bread Lounge which was recommended by the staffs there. The typical combination was chocolate and coffee or vanilla and chocolate, but instead of coffee, green tea was used here.  I never know bunga kantan could be used as one of the ingredients of desserts as it was popularly used to cook tomyam. It's a  fluffy layer cake rich in the bitter-sweet essence of green tea with a subtly fragrant with the scent of green tea powder and flowery note. It is really an interesting flavor combination. Chocolate had a deep and strong sweetness but green tea helped making the cake became having mild bitterness. Green tea and bunga kantan opera - the ideal cake for green tea lovers and also for not-too-sweet cakes lovers.

I expected each cake served in a smaller plate, nevertheless this was much presentable.

Pizzas with cakes of our choices

Margarita Pizza (RM15) was the only pizza that wasn't often seen in other restaurants' menu. The description of the menu stated the ingredients included Mozzarella cheese, olive oil, tomato concasse, cherry tomato & basil pesto. We decided to give it a try although satay pizza sounded nice as well. The Margarita Pizza was served hot and it's not circular in shape nor square shape. A thick layer of dough baked to a crispy yet chewy perfection with the toppings were fresh cherry tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese and basil pesto. The ingredients were simple yet each bite of the pizza was really flavorful.

 Delectable pastries, the beauty and chilies sculptures
Birthday girl :)


Group photo with a big smile :)

Macaroons with RM6 each 
The macaroons here reminded me of Laduree's famous French macaroons which were not over sweet and chewy at each bite. The coconut flavored macaroon was very delectable and had firmed texture with hint of pandan. Lemon macaroons were very fresh and tangy, The sugar content of the macaroons here were less and nice to be paired with the hot coffee.

The oat loaf I bought home - photo taken from Google Image.
It was said to be without preservatives.

Bread Lounge; GTower is a highly recommended place to check out.
It's a well spent day lifting up the spirits and cheerful mood with a warm cup of coffee, good company, and some scrumptious cakes on a peaceful afternoon.

Bread Lounge
GTower Hotel
199 Jalan Tun Razak
50450 Kuala Lumpur; Malaysia
[Opening hours: 7am-8pm]