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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Black Kettle- Bistro, Cafe and Patisserie under One Roof; Beach Street @ Penang

Black Kettle is located at the corner of Beach Street (Lebuh Pantai) and Chulia Street Ghaut (Gat Lebuh Chulia). It's located in a restored heritage shop-house with landmark next to it would be the historical fire station at the same crossroad. The food establishment of Black Kettle combines being a bistro, cafe and Patisserie under one roof in the heart of Penang’s UNESCO Zone on historic Beach Street.While Penang is famous for various types of hawker foods like hokkien mee, loh mee, curry noodle, jawa mee, and etc., one might be looking for trying Western brunch/ breakfast to kick-start the morning. 

Upon recommendation from my friend W.L., we had brunch and gathering at Black Kettle during last visit to Penang Island. Black Kettle was unexpectedly spacious with classy setting. Black Kettle separated into a few sections: the bakery, coffee and bistro area and dinning area at the back. We were warmly welcomed by the large range of breads, cakes, pastries and other masterpieces from the pastry kitchen.

Bakery section with various pastries, cakes and breads to tame your taste buds.
The array of breads and flaky pastries were very attractive and it would be great to be bought for breakfast.

The beauties with the nicely presented pastries

In conjunction of Halloween, they had some scary pastries to be served too.
Was that a bloody eyeball? 
So, what's your choice of drink today?

Black Kettle had set a relaxing and yet sophisticated ambiance. The interior decoration of this restored shop-house was very modern with European style cafe/bistro.It somehow made me reminisced of the cafes in Paris. In the middle area of Black Kettle, there's a courtyard section with a light well to help illuminate the interior section by the direct sunlight. Several rows of pots with green plants were found adorning the wall, providing a green garden feel. It's one of the great spot which I had seen many food patrons chose to sit there to enjoy the comfort of coffee or tea and their favorite books. However, the tables were quite low, might not be suitable for dining purpose.

Comfortable place for enjoy the drinks and reading.
Of course, it's also an ideal place to take photo too.

The young girls :)

Time were well spent when you're with your favorite buddies.
Group Photos

Black Kettle remained the Halloween-themed decorations such as black bats and spider webs were seen at most of the corners and ceilings.

Black Kettle's menu emphasized on modernist Western cuisines such as eggs benedict, french toast,Aussie styled big breakfast sets,sandwiches, tartine, pasta, burgers, salads and etcetera. The logo of Black Kettle had combined croissant as kettle's handle, making me thought that they specialize of croissant. Interestingly, the given menu was printed materials which allowed us to highlight the food we would like to place order. The waiter introduced that coffee beans here were sourced from Dimattina Coffee, a reputable Australian roaster with wide range of coffee blends, hence we had ordered cappuccino,Flat white and Long Black to try. 

Enjoy the coffee with a Jazz soundtrack played as background music.

The breakfast sets, coffee, French toast, salad for group of ladies to share.

Food Verdict: The Long Black was freshly brewed, aromatic and bittersweet for sipping through. My choice of breakfast set was comprised of toast, scrambled eggs, chicken breasts, salmon slices and mashed potatoes. Breakfast portion may look small yet it really fill up the emptiness of your stomach. 

Tiramisu cake and fruit cake for the birthday stars

Food wise were with good quality yet pricey. The ambiance of Black Kettle was great for cozy chat and gathering. The main meals such as their signature soft shell crabs burger and pastas hadn't been tried out yet and I looked forward to re-visit again.  Being a loaf-lover, Black Kettle happened to be a great place to explore their bakery section for pastries.

105, Beach Street, 10300, Georgetown, Penang. 
*Right next to the junction of Chulia Street and Beach Street

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