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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Korean Fish-Shaped Waffle Frozen Yogurt Dessert @ Aboong; Queensbay Mall

Cafe Aboong's trademark treat uniquely combines three well-loved Korean desserts – fish buns, frozen yogurt, and chocolate fondue. The hype of this Korean Fish-Shaped Waffle Frozen Yogurt Dessert has increased and expanded from Korea to Malaysia. I had tried this with friends during last visit to Penang.

Commonly known as Taiyaki in Japan and Bungeoppang in Korea, the fish-shaped Waffles are filled with Azuki Bean filling or Custard. The fish-shaped waffle reminded me of the fish shaped waffle with red bean fillings from San Shu Gong; Malacca.

The fish buns with red bean fillings from Malacca.

The ordering process was easy with a display how you select the fish bun flavours (chocolate waffle/ original waffle), followed by selecting the fillings including red bean, custard or nutella. Finally, you can select your frozen yogurt flavours. The cashier introduced us to try the special flavour -mango as it's still with promotional price, hence 3 of us decided to order two Aboong Korean Fish-Shaped Waffle Frozen Yogurt Dessert to share.

Waffles were made upon ordering, hence waiting time is around 10 minutes to be served.
As shown in photo, frozen yogurt was filled into the open-jawed fish shaped waffle.

The frozen yogurt with chocolate flavour waffle tasted creamy and tangy, felt like eating ice-cream.
Mango flavour yogurt which was slightly sour, yet appetizing.
Warm waffle with crispy texture with cold frozen yogurt was an interesting match.  The frozen yogurt disintegrated instantaneously when placed into mouth, leaving a slight sour after-taste.
We thought of choosing red bean filling but the cashier said it will turn out to be weird taste, therefore custard was selected.

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