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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Reunion dinner of the Year of Roaster at Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant (蓬莱茶房台湾料理)

Chinese New Year is slightly more than a month away but reservations for reunion dinners were filling up fast and most restaurants were fully booked. In line with the festive season, we had chosen to have dinner on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year at Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant. Reunions Sets were offered from RM388++ onwards depending on number of pax.

It was the 2nd time we dined here , the service wasn't pleasant as the waiters were not attentive even though the restaurant was not fully occupied. The desserts were served after 30 minutes of waiting time. Food were with good quality yet the price of reunion dinner set is at high edge. We opted for RM588++ set and the final bill was around RM800. Based on the food menu of restaurant, each food was priced approximately 20% increment compared to foods' price during non-festive season.To save on feast of Chinese New Year period, I think fast foods, western foods, Korean/ Japanese foods might be cheaper and more budget-saving compared to Chinese restaurants.

Tea set

Cute toothpick holders

4 dishes platter with Taiwanese snack foods including:
fried spring rolls, Taiwanese sausages with cucumber slices, meat with salad sauce and stir-fried octopus

Assorted vegetables with lily bulds and almond flakes

Shark's fin soup with crab meats
The soup of our choices had finished with this being replaced.
Abalone chicken soup

 3 Variety Supreme Chicken or Three Cup Chicken 
 3 Variety Supreme Chicken or Three Cup Chicken 
Steamed fish with  with their special starchy soy sauce with chilies, spring onions, garlic, etc

Prawns cooked in two different styles: fried prawns with salad cream and fried prawns with peppers
Fried prawns with salad cream 

Fried prawns with peppers

Braised pork meat with vegetables to be paired with array of mantou

Braised pork meat with vegetables

The waiter recommended the Taiwanese eating style where the pork meat was placed inside the mantou with sprinkles of peanut flakes

The desserts came with red bean soups and pancake.
Red bean soup with two glutinous balls which was over sweet for us.

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