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Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Life in Penang Island

27th - 28th of Dec.:

On 27th of February, I came to Penang(The Pearl Of The Orient) with my family.As the car finally drove on the Penang Bridge (I think it's still the longest brigde in Asia), I was just able to capture the nice scene~~
After that, we settled our lunch at 新世界美食餐厅 before shopping at Queensbay Mall.The Queensbay Mall is similar to the Mid Valley,KL - A huge shopping complex and I love the Forever 21 shop's designs.Then we played kites at the beach which was near the shopping mall.

On 28th of February,it's the final day I was be with my family as they were going back to kl on the next day, leaving me and en to live with my aunts.In the morning, we went to the snake temple.Honestly, there were not having many snakes left.

After visiting the snake temple,we went to Gurney Drive to have a walk and enjoy the trivia there.The nice scene and historical building had been captured by my camera.Most of the surviving     heritage buildings are on the right, seaward side of the road.
~ The Gurney Drive
~Fort Cornwallis, Light Street.

~ Penang City Hall

~Queen Victoria Clock Tower( It's 60 feet high)~

Starting from 28th of feb,en and I had stayed at Bayan Baru with my aunts.At the beginning,I was not got used to the lifestyle in which I had to wake up at 8am sharp and do the household chores (mop floor,wash clothes,and prepare meals). Haha..It's somehow like going to National Service which we must be independent.I was enjoyed the privileges i.e watch astro tv drama!!!I'm lovin it!!!My life became busy on 1st of January 2009 as en and I started to work as promoter at Sunshine Square.Let me tell you the lyrics of the theme song of this shopping complex-

You're my sunshine,my only sunshine,

You make me happy,in Sunshine Square

You never know here, How much I love you

Let's shop at Sunshine Square ................ (I think it's cute and creative)

I worked at the Base Department Store as the promoter of 3 kinds of drinks- Cafe 21,Gold Roast coffee mix and Gold Roast teh tarik.I had recognized other promoters like
a) Drinks department-海军牌kopi o's Ah Hua( My greatest enemy.. lol);Vico's Hui Lan; Lipton's Gin Gaik; Aik Cheong's Li Ching; Super Power Root's Li Peng,Cafe99's Jin Jin.
b) New Year China Town - 志华 who is from Taiping, Pops' Andy; Marigold's Li Wei; the tall girl: Poh Ling and Min Hoong
c) Chocolates department- The cathbury girl & the supervisors i.e Mr. Lim( Ah Bee), The scariest lady (Ms. Pan) ,The so called born to evil i.e Ah Hean and he looks fierce yet he is quite nice if he's not in a bad mood.

The aunties(promoters) were very helpful and taught me to speak Hokkien. Now I had understood the quintessence of knowing boundaries of languages. They were very generous in sharing their samples like vico,cappuccino and coffee among each other, hence it's hardly to feel hungry or thirsty there. Haha! Okay, I had to mention here, the drinks department was the most "hottest" place for promoters to gather chatting.Hehe...I was shocked when I met my ex-school teacher i.e Ms. Ong Lee Lee who had transferred to Penang on 21st of Jan.I was overwhelmed with happiness as she was still remember me!

It's inevitable to fall sick in Penang as the weather here is extremely weird in which it's rarely rain and the weather will be very cold at night. There's some days I had to lie down on bed to rejuvenate my health and I really appreciate my aunts, friends who cared me so much. Hmm.. I found the people here encountered the benefits which had provided by the government.At KL, most people will just go to have treatment at clinic but not the General Hospital or the polyclinic. Perhaps it's far and the nightmare of having traffic jam at Kl engender us prefer going to clinic nearby.

Poliklinik Komuniti Bayan Baru. RM1 for 3 types of medicines! Affordable price ~

Hospital Pulau Pinang i.e The General Hospital here~~
There's even has a muzium in the hospital!COOL!!

I had celebrated Chinese New Year without being with my parents for the 1st time.Kinda homesick especially on the day of New Year 's eve.Luckily had accompanied by my buddies here. And it's not that bad, Steamboat Night! 年初二:I had followed my aunt to 妙香林寺庙 to 拜祭祖母and 静思堂礼拜法华经 at 6.45am and I had given the golden oportunity to be on tv or internet as all the 慈济慈亲们 通过网络与上人(证严法师)拜年。< sorry i have to type rojak language to express> After the function,I captured the surrounding of the building and according to my aunt,it's built accordingly as same as in Taiwan.Here are some nice shots:

2nd of Feb- I had participated in 慈济 activity which named as 新春活动 & 点灯仪式 .The purpose of organizing the candle-light ceremony was blessing the whole world in peace.Everyone was given a nice packet of bicuits and a candle.I had been enjoyed watching the video or slide shows of how this organization lent a helping hand to the victims of war,tsunami and etc.It's impressing! Before the activity ended, everyone held up the candle and prayed, and eventually is the moment when the red packet (福慧红包)were given out to us.

Here're some pics:

In February, my aunts had brought us to several nice places, going by the free shuttle service to Georgetown.

1st: The Komtar-

2nd-Penang Heritage Trait(世界文化遗产)..Just managed to take some photos outside the building as the entrance fees are quite expensive. The old style chinese house, Telephone booth, trishaw,

3rd-the historical buildings around Penang

old-styled buildings

The High Court of Penang 

Jabatan Imigresen 
Guang Hwa Newspapers building

4th-the beach

5th- Religious sites

Kapitan Keling Mosquewas built in the early 19th century, it was named after the Indian Muslim merchant Caudeer Mohudeen, who was also the Kapitan Keling (headman). It is the most prominent historic mosque in Penang and features a dome-shaped minaret reflecting Moorish Islamic influence.
Kuan Yin Teng (观音亭, "Goddess of Mercy Temple"), Pitt Street (Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling)This is one of the oldest Chinese temples in Penang since year 1801.

St. George's Church, 1 Farquhar Street (Lebuh Farquhar). There has a memorial in the form of a Greek temple with a marble slab dedicated to Captain Francis Light, stands in the grounds of the St. George's Church.

Mariamam Temple at Little Indian Town at Penang

6th -Penang State Museum and some other places of interest

On 17th of Feb,it's time to go home as the saying goes:east or west,home is the best!

I captured this when i sat in the bus... sayonara,Penang!

and my last stop before going home was Petaling Street for lunch- wan ton mee.

I'm sure that i will miss the life,friends and my aunts there...And PLANES.

I appreciate the chance given by parents to go Penang for learning how to take care of own self,and of course a profuse of thanks to my dear aunts and friends who care for me while I was in Penang~~

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