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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Updates

Random Updates

In this day and age,there were several random things to tell in my space,yet none of them could be merited a blog post individually.

First of all,I had been worked as a general clerk of the Sales Department of a HQ of a factory since last Wednesday.A general clerk post needed 3 managers and a employer to interview.Haha..I was still thinking the interview was too serious.Hmm..anyway, I was still thinking that this will be only a temporary job to me and I'm gonna to prove to the employer that my choices of the courses to enter uni ain't without any future~~BLEH! Hmm..I was quite disliked him who had the fallacy to think that STPM was a cinch and everyone should be able to get 4 flat unless he had sat for it and got good results!!!

Okay,back to the main point.The work loads were considered much compared to data entry clerk's which I had been experienced 2 years ago.Let me describe what will I do everyday: write sales order and pass it to a manager,type delivery order and invoice,write daily sales reports and daily $ collection, printings and lots more. Huh..I went back home later than 5.30pm everyday( my work should be off at 5pm)..T_T.. I shall work faster and be more careful. Hmm.. I can only conclude the job is tiring!Anyway,the Sales Department could be said as fulled of warmth and happiness(sometimes seriousness). The colleagues (Ah Sam,Shin Yee,Madam Lee) and the Heads (Kiki and Tony) were friendly,helpful and very nice.After experienced the job, I found out how essential was a rest day- Sunday for me!Aha.. and thanks for the job to let me bought many formal shirts and nice skirts..Haha!

Secondly,the sad thing was my buddy-Yiing whom I had knew for 8 years was decided to go to India for dentistry course for 2 years.Omg..She's the 1st one in the gang and the class who's leaving the country so early among us.Haiz..I was sad of it.The class had been organized a farewell for her at Niji Japanese Restaurant, and we gave her a card and a purse~~Hoping her all the best in her future undertakings.Hmm..I was kinda impressed with her persistence in pursuing her dreams(since form5)- becoming dentist in future.

Thirdly,my new updates of my friends( ee von and hui ting). They both are currently studying law in Advanced Tertiary College.Heard from Hui Ting,the college is the most pioneer law school in M'sia.Its great that they had went to pursue their future studies~~Another 2 future lawyers again!It reminded me about someone-Cecilia who was doing law too...After all,my cute buddy-Tiffany has decided and will be studying food science in UCSI after her a-level in May.

(Among the gang,nikki-future doctor,yiing-future dentist,vicky-future nurse,su yuen- future pharmacist...Okay,what's next will be?)-- all are going to be professionalist! I hope I will be too...

(to be continued)

Fourthly,my cousin(2nd elder among us) will be getting married on 10Th of May.OMG!He's the earliest one who get married!The marriage age seemed to be still very early.Haha!I was kinda worried of him as he didn't have a well-income job,hoping him can earn a living.Erm..I was kinda curious how was his future wife.Fat?Thin?Pretty?Anyway,beauty is in the eyes of the beholders~Haha,erm..the another job for me now-keeping fit to wear the dress.HUH!

Okay,that's the recent updates of my life~~

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