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Monday, March 23, 2009

A Reply to Hui Ting

A Reply to Hui Ting


I guessed my reply to you might be a bit brusque,but I thought that its better than saying nothing.I'd felt gladful that you considered me as someone who's an understanding friend although I doubted should I be laudable as so.

As we were sitting in the same boat and were in dilemma because of the results.I could understand much on how you felt as we did do quite well in our SPM,but dropped to the deep valley for the STPM. But that's the fact we can't change anymore.I gotta tell you this:" In life,we have many ambitious desires which are achieveable,but we lack stamina to keep pursuing.The failure to get a good pointers in STPM is just one of the trials and tribulations in the journey to sucess. We should work stoically to reach for the stars!" Hui ting,your friends didn't say wrongly,you will be succeeded with your unremitting efforts!

As you had knew,i was being asked to enter the education path by most of my family members,and I didn't really like being a teacher in future(Unless being a professor!)Okay,I was just fed up with those suggestions (choose the course pendidikan bahasa english as bahasa kedua will be better than bahasa dan linguistik ) as that were their opinions which they thought its the best for me without considering do I interested in although i'd agreed that an educator job - good for girls.

About the issue on choosing langauge course, the difference of our setbacks was just you chose to apply it because of your interest while I chose it too as I had confidence in studying this course.Honestly,after Dr.K.G. Chan mentioned that my english would be considered bad if comparing to those who were english-educated,indians and etc.This had me losing the nerves of steel to pursue it. Well,thanks for your encouragements and explanations to make me deliver judgement on choosing bahasa dan linguistik rather than pendidikan bahasa english as bahasa kedua..Other than that, you had encouraged me to apply food science which I was interested since form 5 instead of asking me to choose all languages courses as you. It made me realising that I own a good,unselfish friend!

Hui Ting,I'd hope you didn't choose to study language course just because I had encouraged you to do so.I had encouraged you in taking it,as you're proficient in english language,and this is your interest and the future career of this course ain't bad.By the way,you gotta cogitate and choose according to your real interest,ability and confidence! I have some friends who didn't do well in their STPM,hence choosing unwanted/unfamous course just to get into their wanted uni.I hoped you chose language course really after rumination.

Buddy,I'm glad to have known you.Your moral supports and your shoutout for me on that day" go for what you want" had me took persistence in applying the courses i really wanted for. TQ

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