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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Coffee Société @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Coffee Société  shall be a venue that 's familiar to most coffee lovers or those who used to hangout with friends at Publika. New coffee cafes are mushrooming in the town and I am hardly able to experience one by one although I am a coffee lover.

We had given a choice of Coffee Stain by Joseph and Coffee Société, and we had chosen to have our gathering at the latter venue. The ambiance was pretty nice and comfortable for two girls and a guy's gathering :) As usual, the vicinity of Coffee Société was glanced through to see what foods that had been ordered. Coffee Société was featured as the Top 3 Best Places for Coffee by TimeOut KL 2012 and it had been ranked as Best Place for Coffee in year 2013. It was convenient to select the choice of coffee by glancing the big blackboard which was like a menu which had hot coffee, iced coffee, chocolate and English tea.

The wood theme interior design with lighting created a cozy atmosphere. The cabinets were filled with bottles of S.Pellegrino branded water. I had a fallacy to think those bottles are wines or coffee liquors.

We were seated near to the entrance and I spotted many nice vintage-looked, old furniture (antiques). The lamp was very nice, yet it was only for decoration but not for sales.

The diaries of coffee indulgence started with:

 1. Hot cappuccino with a very nice coffee art and strawberry cheese cake are ordered by HH.

2. Mochatella which was priced at RM14.90 had been ordered and it worth a try. Each table had at least one ordered a glass of mochatella. Basically, Mochatella comes with Nutella chocolate, coffee cubes and milk. I had read few blog posts saying that the milk was served hot to dilute the coffee cubes and Nutella chocolate, inducing a glass of coffee-chocolate mixture.The glass of milk provided was rather warm and I had a hard time to wait for my glass of coffee cubes melted completely.

The resulting effect was a less diluted, creamy coffee drink with chocolate sweetness.
I would prefer stronger taste of coffee.

3. Yan2 had ordered iced latte. It would be a great choice for those who don't really like to sip in coffee.

Today, let us indulge in coffee and chats :)

It seemed to be a year that I hadn't been chatted much with the old buddies and of course each has a great life nowadays. I am looking forward for the next meet up with Wai Min and the rest of the gang.

A great night with coffee indulgence and  meet up with old buddies!
♥ ❤May August be great to all of us♥ ❤

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