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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Mask behind The Face

There are days and nights when the struggle is real. During the days,you wear a mask, pretending to be you are alright. The mask is like a language expressing the emotion that you choose to create.

The people around you may be seeing the mask depicting a happy expression, but they never know the genuine feeling behind the mask.

Masks could serve many purposes. It is inevitable to see people wearing masks in front of others. The mask serves the purpose of hiding the weakness of someone in front of someone he cares. The mask can make someone to build up his confidence, finding his courage to battle in life. During ancient times, the Roman tournaments soldiers wore masks on their helmets to protect themselves against dangers during the war. The masks are worn during the contemporary age is to protect from emotional and physical danger from the most dangerous animal of the world i.e. human. Some use masks to hide their fear. Some use masks of coolness to hide their loneliness. Some wear masks depicting the happiness to hide the sorrow.

Also, the answer " I am fine" will be said when people asked if we are okay. 
Conversely, the heart is wounded.

The sound of the heartbeat dominates the still air during nights, where you finally have to admit the feeling deep inside your heart - unhappiness. The cycle of depression becomes a norm where you wake up from the shattered dreams with teary eyes. You have to force yourself to return to sleep or suffer insomnia till morning, and begin the day with a fake smile.

 Fake smile is on the face, 
because you still have to face others whom you don't hope them to know your genuine feeling.

But, most people say the the best make up for girls is smile.
So, I have to mask a smile!

Something that you didn't notice...
the story from my eyes.
Could you see the tears that hold by my eyes?

One day, let's take our masks off. 
Clear the throats and mention that all the nonsense dramas are over.
We become ourselves again. 


Let it go~

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