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Friday, February 20, 2015

Petaling Streets Classic Chinese Foods 茨厂街老字号

Petaling Street is the place where it has lots of nostalgic old restaurants which most metropolitan folks here have been visited.When it comes to traditional Chinese food in KL, Petaling Street / Chinatown is the best place to go. Well, the recent development in city has caused most of the old restaurants close down their business with new cafes sprouting around the area. Oloiya Malaysia had organized a Facebook Contest which promotes their new gold coin ham and chicken dried meat.  I had been rewarded with a generous packages of chicken dried meat with a box of Classic Chinese Foods from 6 old restaurants at Petaling Streets.

The gastronomic heritage of Petaling Street's cultural routes is placed into one package: Oloiya’s dried meat, Kong Woi Fong’s tea leaves, Zhoi Fatt Heng’s salted duck legs, Kim Lian Kee’s rice vermicelli, Fung Wong Confectionery’s walnut shortbreads, and Ho Yoke Kee’s happiness candies.

In lieu of sharing what's inside the package, I share a bit of the famous foods from these Petaling Street's Old restaurants/ confectionery.

1. Kim Lian Kee 金蓮記麵線

Kim Lian Kee which is famed for its charcoal stir-fried hokkien mee. It's the first time I tried their rice vermicelli.

2. Fung Wong Confectionery 鳳凰餅家核桃酥

My parents used to go to this bakery when Mooncake Festival is approaching. The traditional pastries such as wedding pastries, chicken pie, shanghai siew bao, cha siew pastry, kaya puff, curry puff, salted-egg pastry and lots more. The walnut pastries remain crunchy and not too sweet.

Credits to : http://www.rwsentosablog.com/

My mom used to call the chicken pie as har gui. It's my favourite pastry from Fung Wong Confectionery and the buttery pastries' remain crunchy for 1-2 days.

3. Oloiya 我來也肉乾

Dried meats are one of the must-eat food during Chinese New Year. Oloiya's dried meats are one of my favorite foods!! Thanks for the free samplings of gold coin ham and chicken dried meats and we shall purchase some for our relatives!

4. Ho Yoke Kee 何玉記喜糖
Ho Yoke Kee's dumplings could be found at Petaling Streets daily and the happiness candies are sold 1 month before Chinese New Year. The happiness candies are made of lotus, ginger, red carrot slices and winter melons which are boiled with hot water and then sugar water, and cooked with sugars till dry. Based on the old people's stories, these happiness candies have good blessings such as red carrot slices symbolizes money, lotus refer to good partner (relationship), and so on.

5. Kong Woi Fong 广汇丰花茶

Kong Wooi Fong Tea Merchant business is currently run by the 4th generation. A long history of this shop since year 1928.

6. Zhoi Fatt Heng 再發行臘鴨腿

Preserved meats (chinese sausages) and duck legs are the main ingredients for claypot rice腊味饭. This preserved duck leg is well marinated and flavorful.

Side note: I somehow miss the foods I had with my ex-colleagues during internship at Petaling Street.
Nam Heong Chicken Rice 南香鸡饭

Dry Pan Mee, Pan Mee Soup, Spicy Pan Mee located located in a small alley at Petaling Street

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