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Monday, February 9, 2015

Sabah- Coconut Pudding, Grilled Coconut and Grilled Clams

While West Malaysia has famous Klebang coconut milkshake in Malacca, East Malaysia (Tuaran; Sabah) has a prestigious coconut pudding and grilled coconut. The local had brought us to the stall named Gerai Kelapa Bakar Sudi Mampik which was the 1st stall which had established the pudding kelapa, grilled coconut and grilled clams business.

Grilled coconut

Grilled coconut (kelapa bakar) was grilled using hot wood fire till the coconut skins being dark color. We had ordered one to try. It's served hot, simply tasteless due to no sugar is added. I do find the taste is acceptable and nutritious. Original taste of the coconut juice is lingered in our mouths.

The coconut pudding which was served cold and it was suitable for us who just "sunbathed" from the beaches. The coconut juice pudding had been fridged to set and serve in a coconut. This makes it different compared to the coconut pudding in West Malaysia in which we usually take out coconut fleshes to make coconut pudding and serve in container. Gerai Kelapa Bakar Sudi Mampik's coconut pudding texture is soft and smooth. A straw was given for us to drink the coconut juice.

Group photo