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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Seafood-dining Excursion @ Salut Seafood Restaurant; Kota Kinabalu

A great day in Kota Kinabalu had been ended with seafood-dining excursion at Salut Seafood Restaurant. We requested Wan Tian's friend to bring us to seafood restaurant which offers fresh and delicious seafood with reasonable price.

Salut Seafood Restaurant; a "floating" restaurant which took more than 30 minutes drive North of the city along Jalan Sulaman leading to the Shangri-la Rasa Ria Resort had been recommended for our seafood-dining excursion. It was a hidden gem to the locals here because less tourists and the quality of seafood were much better compared to the city's restaurants.

The bright signboard was spotted when we arrived Salut Seafood Restaurant. 

The giant clams lined up at the entrance of the restaurant and above photo was just one of the giant clams. 

The entrance of the restaurant with the beverage and ice-cream booth

The menu with the prices were clearly stated.
Prawns, fish, squids, mussels, lala, crabs and other seafood  were available with different kind of cooking methods recommended on the menu such as: steam, cook with egg, stir-fry, cheese, Thai-style, curry, etc.

The seafood were placed in baskets and containers, allowing the food patrons to choose.

The fish were still alive!

We had ordered coconuts to quench our thirsts. 
Pineapple drink was recommended by the local here, hence we had ordered one.
Sour and mind-refreshing drink!
By the way, this special drink which was served in a pineapple costed us RM10! Phew..

A plate of the papaya slices and pickled raddish were provided as appetizers before we kick-started the seafood dining experience.

Fresh prawns were boiled and served as the first dish.
It was the first time I tried fresh prawns as my mom used to cook with chili sauce/ tomato sauce or black pepper style. Boiled prawns provided the natural and freshest state. However, I still prefer the prawns go with butter/ salty egg/ nestum oats.

Sabah's fern vegetables were stir-fried with eggs.

Steamed clams which wasn't my favorite dish. According to the rest, the flesh was juicy and soft.
I tasted few but I seriously dislike the rubber-liked texture.

Lala with fried eggs 

Salty egg crabs
The entire seafood on the table had been completely finished by us within 2 dining hours. The seafood dinner (5 main dishes and 8 drinks for serving 7 people) costed around RM150.

Restaurant's Address:

Salut Seafood Restaurant
Mile 13, Jalan Tuaran Telipok,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia