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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Unleash the Passion for Travel & Food in Hong Kong & Macau (Day 1)-Joy Hing Roasted Meat's, Victoria Peak, Curry Fish Balls Savoury

After the trip to Krabi island, we decided to explore and discover Hong Kong and Macau this year. Apart from escaping the demanding reality of world, it's a reunion for me and my friends who work in different states or countries. A five-days-four-nights getaway was more like a marathon to unleash the hidden self, explore the cities and tame our taste buds with food!

The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong took about 4 hours and we touched down Hong Kong International Airport safely around 1pm. In the airport, we purchased the main necessities for this Hong Kong tour including Octopus Cards (the swipe cash card for Hong Kong transport)  and mobile number. After checking-in the King's Nathan Hotel at Central region, we quickly headed to 再興燒臘飯店 Joy Hing Roasted Meat's.

It was a small eatery with non-stop flow of eaters and we were lucky to be seated before the next 14 eaters who need to queue up for seats. The crispy BBQ roast pork, roasted chicken and roasted goose were served. The roasted meat were tender, juicy and well-marinated. The dish were served with plum sauce (sour-sweet) and scallion oil. The drawback was the fatty chicken meat which we were busy removing the fats before swallowing them.


Block C, G/F, 265-267 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

The proteins had satisfied our stomach and we headed to the next destination i.e. Victoria's Peak. It took about 10 minutes walking from the exit from MTR Central Station J2.

International Finance Centre Hong Kong

Bank of China Tower and Cheong Kong Centre

The Hong Kong Tramways

The Victoria Peak  is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island (standing at 552 meters above sea level. Most of the tourists would definitely include Victoria Peak as one of the must-visited places in Hong Kong. The queue to aboard the tram was extremely long and we had queued up from 5.45pm till 7.15pm. 

The historical moments of the Peak's Tram

Some of the nice paintings of local students on the wall

The crowded platform while waiting for the tram to arrive.
It was a nightmare to abroad the tram as everyone pushes forcefully to get into the tram.
You were either lucky to get a seat or stand carefully inside the tram to enjoy Central's skyscrappers towards the top of Hong Kong within 7 minutes. 
 Notably, the Peak Tram is the world's steepest funicular railway.
One of the stunning views I managed to capture inside the tram
Peak Market with various types of souvenirs for sale.

A soy milk retailer with traditional Hong Kong eatery's decoration.

The amazing skyline of the Victoria Peak

Apart from the amazing skyline, we dropped by the exhibition of local artwork.

 Bruce Lee wax sculpture

The Peak Tower and Peak Visitor Centre which is housed in a heritage Peak Tram cabin.

The Peak Lookout with nice lightnings as decoration.
A good environment for a cozy chat on this chilling night.

Post Love to the future is where you could choose a postcard and mail to the loved one on the date you select.

 The unprecedented night view when we came down from the Peak's tram.
The Cheung Kong Center was interestingly designed by Cesar Pelli who had designed our Malaysia's iconic Petronas Twin Towers. Too bad that I did not meet the billionaire of Hong Kong.

We had supper at the nearest shop before we headed back to our hotel. It was the first attempt of famous snack food of Hong Kong i.e. curry fishballs. Literally, RM9 for a cup of about 12 fishballs. Another cup of curry fish balls were served with white radish and slices of pork skins. The white radish which had adsorbed the hot and spicy curry gave a strong taste of curry and pungent smell. The 1st night had ended with the famous and affordable staple in Hong Kong since the 1950s. 

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