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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Unleash the Passion for Travel & Food in Hong Kong & Macau (Day 2)- 大家樂 Café de Coral & Sightseeing at Wan Chai and Causeway Bay

We kick-started the 2nd day with breakfast at 大家樂 Café de Coral which is located nearby our hotel. 大家樂 Café de Coral is one of the leading Chinese fast food franchises in Hong Kong. A large menu display was on the right side of counter whereby each of us of having a dilemma to choose breakfast. As shown in below photo, the menu features a fair amount of Chinese restaurant staples including congee set, western breakfast, noodles and etcetera.

The food menu display
The locals

The corresponding codes on the menu had made the ordering process much easier. For those who struggle with Cantonese language, you may capture the photo of the menu to show to the cashier. A receipt will be provided for claiming the ordered foods at another counter. Well, the foods were served within 1-2 minutes. That's fast!!!

Lean pork porridge and fried noodles with hams.
The fried noodles go well with a mouthful of porridge.

My choice of breakfast- 香蔥煙肉飛碟包+台式肉燥撈米粉+ 香肠火腿
An overwhelming breakfast set which has a standard quality. 

My friends and I :)

Wan Chai is sandwiched between Central (West) and Causeway Bay (East).After the hearty meal, we decided to stroll along Wan Chai streets to Causeway Bay MTR station.

 Lined with modern and old shop-houses, retailers and residential apartments, Wan Chai district is more like an area where modernization mixed with traditions. Hong Kong's bamboo scaffolding could been seen at most places along the Wan Chai district.

A taxi driver was washing his taxi.
Well, what attracted me was the advertisement on the taxi.Wayne Lai Yiu-cheung was spotted!Lol
香港麻雀娱乐湾仔 at Lockhart Road
Traditional medicine shop
Petrol station below the flyover
Unfortunately we did not manage to come back for tasting the desserts of this shop.
So, anyone wants to eat Chinese mitten crab?

Wan Chai fire station
The wet market is conveniently located a few blocks west of Causeway Bay’s shopping mecca. Soaked into the ambiance of morning market was one of the experiences in Hong Kong.
In front of the Ding-ding tram

The famous “ding-ding” tram is one of the iconic symbols of Hong Kong, similar to the London's Double Decker bus which we link it to London.
Ding-ding tram had made me thought of the Netherlands trams which were also shared the same routes as other vehicles.

Villain hitting (打小人)  the Canal Road Flyover between Causeway Bay and Wan Chai

We reached the shopping heaven ; Causeway Bay which had the most shopping malls, departmental stores, shopping outlets and retailers in Hong Kong.