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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Unleash the Passion for Travel & Food in Hong Kong & Macau (Day 2)- Ngong Ping 360, Tian Tan Buddha & Ngong Ping Village

Causeway bay is a place where you could easily get lost upon blocks of commercial buildings and shopping outlets. Shopping malls aplenty here such as Hysan Place, Sogo, Times Square, Forever 21 and etctera. Unfortunately, we had no time for shopping as we had to rush to Lantau Island.

The energetic faces of us in the morning :)

Lantau Island is located west of Hong Kong island. On the contrast to the busy metropolitan of Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island is considered as a good place to escape from the reality of life. Alighting from the Tung Chung MTR Station via Exit B, we were greeted with the Citygate Outlets which we went after our visit to Ngong Ping.

The hustling and bustling of the people had really blown our minds off. I strongly recommend that visiting to Lantau Island Ngo Ping on weekday instead of weekend. We took 1 hour queuing from the escalator leading up to the cable car station till we saw the ticketing counter. We opted for the ride with crystal cabin equipping with a transparent glass floor.

Captured the tickets while we queued up for the cable ride
The cable ride began. We could observed the road.
Next, the ships beneath us.

The high rise buildings, bridges connecting the lands, the cable cars and ocean.

And yes, I enjoyed the cable ride as I could rest my feet while enjoying the breathtaking view.
The 360 degree views around me was stunning.

Let's take photos!
Several mountain trails were seen from the cable and I was impressed by those trekkers who made their way up to the peak. 
As we got nearer to Ngong Ping Station, the Tian Tan Buddha (also named as Big Buddha) statue appeared larger.

The cable ride took about 25 minutes and we reached Ngong Ping Village. There are a few tourist attractions at Ngong Ping Village such as Walking With Buddha, Monkey's Tale Theater, Motion 360, Wisdom Path, Po Lin Monetary and etc.

The 天坛大佛 Tian Tan Buddha bronze statue could be seen from distance.

Some of the 3D paintings for photo-taking session.

There's a legend saying that wishes made at the “Bodhi Wishing Shrine” under the Bodhi Tree will come true. From the Ngong Ping 360 website, a wishing card could be redeemed with any purchase of HK$150 or more at Ngong Ping 360 Souvenir Shops.

“Bodhi Wishing Shrine”

May my wishes come true...

It was about 3pm and we decided to drop by for soy bean curd and black sesame dessert before we proceed to view the big Buddha.


The black sesame dessert, soy bean curd, glutinous rice chicken and fried sausages

Smooth, silky bean curd!
The black sesame dessert was served hot with smooth texture and it's not over sweet.
The chicken glutinous rice and fried sausages had reminded us how hungry we were as we filled our stomachs with the food within 10 minutes.

 In front of Po Lin Monastery
A268-steps staircase leading up to the big Buddha statue at the top.
Comparing to the steep staircase of Batu Caves in Malaysia and Tiger Cave in Thailand, walking towards the giant Buddha statue at the top was much easier.

The 天坛大佛 Tian Tan Buddha bronze statue sits solemnly on a giant lotus flower on top of a three-platform altaratop the peak of Mount Muk Yue.

The 天坛大佛 Tian Tan Buddha bronze statue is surrounded with few statues known as "The Offering Of The Six Devas".

We spent some time strolling around the Tian Tan Buddha statue apart from enjoying the strong breeze and nice view of Tung Chung area and South China sea. 
 The entrance (exit) with 20-character couplet i.e. :
如來座中華藏莊嚴世界海    菩提樹下寧靜光天解脫門

After we safely reached downhill, we spent an hour shopping in 东荟城名店仓 Citygate Outlets. It was a pleasure seeing many branded stuffs ranging from clothing, jewelry, watches, sport shoes and etcetera.  One-hour of shopping was not sufficient for me hence I just merely had window shopping. The sport shoes here seemed to be cheaper compared to Malaysia's outlets. It was about 7.30pm when we came out from Tung Chung Station and we decided to go to Mongkok region by skipping off Tsim Sha Tsui's Symphony of Lights.