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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The artwork in form 3

♬♬♬ The artwork in form 3 ♬♬♬

            When I was busy searching for the computer cleaning kit set, I found a long forgotten art work in my books container. It was a book that I had to make for my art lesson and I still remembered that the art teacher is a wife of a famous artist in Malaysia. She's strict in giving marks and she often offered us some difficult tasks like drawing portraits of mother, drawing of a basket of fruits, portraits of disney cartoons and etcetera. This long forgotten art work with its entire cover shielded with dusts.

             After removing the dusts, I flicked through the pages and yea, it did bring me back to memories of the art lessons with Pn.Noor Aini. It's undeniable that she is a very dedicated teacher and she has strong passion in art. I enjoyed being in her art club during that time.

             Okay, so here goes the picture of my art work. I was surprised with my own drawings! Well, a task that I needed to create a book that contains comics and I was required to stitch the book with needles and threads after the drawings of comics. Succinctly stated,  the comics are actually articulating about how good that April, a dog in  taking its responsibility in taking care of its masters including the new born baby, Jimmy. Mak Cik Eenah;a maid was regretted for being fierce or maltreat April after knowing that April had saved the life of the baby from a mice.

The book cover of my comic entitled 'April'

1st page- Introduction page
The stories begin...
2nd page
3rd page
4th page
5th page
6th page
7th page
the end

YEAH, AMAZING RIGHT? ok..  I seriously miss art lessons.  It had been a long time that I never  hold  art brush and water colour.