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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Meet up with old buddy

It's summer break for friends who study at UK! Yesterday, I had bumped into an old friend whom I knew her during English tuition years ago. I felt it's amazing as we did not have awkward silence when we met up. We met for lunch @ Kim Gary Restaurant; Mid Valley after a long discussion on where shall we meet up on the previous day. She didn't want to eat Japanese cuisine and western foods and we came to consent whereby we chose to have our lunch at Kim Gary together.

Could I say 'great minds think alike' to describe the situation where we chose the same venue to meet up, the same restaurant to have lunch and the same set of dishes of the day? haha.. we chose the set lunch of cheese baked pork chop rice with red sauce (I think it's salsa sauce), borsch, dessert and Hong Kong Style Ying Yong (cold).

kim gary
The set lunch we had for the day =)

cheese baked pork chop rice
Nah.. this lady is having her beloved cheese baked pork chop rice!
Yaya, no doubts, the lady is li-chen!

cheese baked pork chop rice
My turn to have photo with my cheese baked pork chop rice =)

french toast kim gary
French toast is one of the MUST ordered food @Kim Gary.
The French toast is perfectly coated with egg and fried, and served with syrup and butter on top of it.

The French toast was obviously too big for us to finish eating it up as we ordered the set lunch as well.  FATTENING?  Well, eat this once in a blue moon should be no harm. Moreover, it's worth for the price (based on the size).

Reconnecting with old friend is always amazing especially with the one who always appear to concern you even from far distance. I still remember how she consoled me after she saw my blog post two years ago, and this had made me appreciating this friendship even more. Li-chen; a friend whom I knew her from English tuition and she used to sit next to me during my form3-form5 English tuition class; so it's great to getting reacquainted with her again. It is veracious to say that a friend in need is a friend indeed, I would say that I do enjoy very much by chatting with her on studies matter and future career matter. Informative opinions regarding the matters are gave by her and she had also shared her experience in UK; the place I wished to be landed to one day. 

After having our lunch @ Kim Gary, we went to Jaya Jusco and window-shopped at Uniqlo, F.O.S and etc.  I miss the purple singlet from Uniqlo! nah, i like the white tube too, as it fits nicely! well, but I resisted to buy them at last, thinking that singlets not worth to buy at rm39.90 each. Yea, I am regretted now.

Well, I think she will blacklist me to go out with her as I spent more than half hour hanging around in F.O.S and I came out with empty-handed. Haha.. at the end, I used up another twenty minutes to enter back F.O.S.  to choose my white singlet which I want to match with my jackets and long-sleeved shirts. 

Bought a white singlet from F.O.S ( I would say that uniqlo's is much more better in terms of quality)
and I had bought myself two nice belts from F.O.S. 

Thanks to li-chen for the souvenir a.k.a. shortbread fingers from Scottland.
 Tasty but abit too hard for me to bite =)

We will find it hard to meet up when we grow up as we have own directions, own future, own career path, thus meeting up with old friends can be a difficulty. I truly appreciate friends I met in my life, and do hope that we able to keep in touch no matter we become rich/poor or have diverse career.

Last but not least, here's some words for you, li-chen!!!

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