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Friday, June 29, 2012

Outing with buddies

TGIF..THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY! It's the second week of the semester break holidays and I was still lagging behind. I was overwhelmed with lazy mood as I just didn't go accordingly to my scheduled plan which I should have completed my questionnaire design of final year project (FYP). Uh.. It's a huge difference between the working speed of mine now compared to the working speed when I was in my hostel.

Nah... Were I overworked when I was in hostel? HAHA..Since the day I came home, I found that I tend to sleep longer than I was in hostel! My mom started to nag on me, wanting me to work already. Well, I didn't plan to work this semester holiday, hoping that I can settle my FYP part 2 in this holidays. Hehe.. I wanna be  faster ahead than others! =)
Well, it's friday morning and I was on holiday =P That's quite unlikely I will get a stack of books to work on my FYP today or reading up my novels. Indeed, I went out for party XD. Perhaps being emancipated from FYP for a day could motivate me to put efforts on it after coming back from having fun.

YY had stood us up today, leaving only HH, Wai Min and I went to Neway Karaoke; One Utama. The lunch deal was of great value as we could order a set of main meal and a drink with free buffets at the catering side.After we placed our handbags in our room, Wai Min and I went to the buffet catering side and started to piling up our plates with soups, meehoon, mixed vegetables, corn soups, salads with different types of sauces and porridge. I had added some garlic bread cubes in my porridge and it was delicious!

Considering the price ranging from RM8++ which includes not only a set of meals plus a lunch buffet, but also 4 hours of karaoke, I would say it was a great deal. Moreover, three of us were given one microphone each and we had enjoyed very much to live out all our rockstar dreams! At 2pm, Wai Min and I were exhausted and we ended up chatting with HH continued soloing.

After the karaoke-session, we went for window-shopping as Wai Min will need some apparels for her internship in the following week. I was glad to find out Uniqlo's singlets have limited promotion price @ RM19.90 instead of RM39.90 which I saw in MV on Tuesday! There has no more purple premium cotton tank top which I tried on Tuesday, hence I purchased the blue one. I love the design of the singlets which perfectly cover the weakness of my body and its good quality. Both of the girls had bought two singlets from there! As usual, guy will be waiting at outside of the store, playing with his own mobile phone =P I just realized that Starbucks had promotion of half-price frappuccino blended beverages during 5pm-7pm. Such a good offer, right?! And yea, the girls had headed to grab the 50% off frappuccino beverages before we continued our next shopping journey to Brands Outlet.

My Mocha Frappuccino!
Thanks to the recommendation of  HH; the richie who drank it  before Happy Hour!

Okay, Wai Min grabbed her skirt @ Nichii and it's of good quality and could be matched with any type of blouses. I would say it's worth the price! Here's the apparels that I bought on the day!

Purple 2-way singlet and blue premium cotton tank top from Uniqlo ;
and a blouse from Nichii ( which I attracted by its unique design)

The end of shopping during this holidays as I am broke!

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