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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Dumpling Day

Few days after I came back from BP, here comes a great Chinese traditional festival celebration i.e. 'Duan Wu' Festival. Ever since mom had learnt making Chinese rice dumplings, I have had the chance to eat home-made dumplings. Compared to over-priced or over-rated dumplings outside, it's worth to learn and make rice dumplings at home although the it takes a long time and it is hassle for the preparation prior to make the rice dumplings.

Succinctly stated, here's the recipe from my best cook- mom:

The ingredients:


Bamboo leaves which need to be boiled and soaked for 30-40 mins,
 then the leaves will be wiped with clean clothes.

Fong lut or chestnuts with mushrooms
which are said as the part and parcel for  rice dumpling
I got shocked when I saw many salted duck eggs are needed.
The mug and layer of charcoal had been removed.
the salty egg yolks which I love to eat =)
green beans
left :'mei dou'  in chinese; and small bowl of dried shrimp

7) Marinated porks with salt, dark sauce, rice wine, pepper and spice pepper. ( I forgot to take the photo of this, sorry, guys!)

Last but not least, the glutinous rice =)

With the above ingredients been prepared, the methods of filling up the bamboo leaves with ingredients are as the followings (based on my mom's recipe):

1) Take two bamboo leaves with one preferably long one while another is the shorter one. Put them on top of one another.
2) Shape a cone out of it and fill the bottom and sides of the cone with glutinous rice.
3) Hollow the center and fill up the hole with all ingredients with the glutinous rice added to cover the top.
4) Use the spoon to press the rice to make it more compact.
5) Fold the remaining of leafs nicely and lastly secure the shape of rice dumpling with string.
6) The wrapped rice dumplings will be steamed for two and half hours after the water is pre-boiled for half hour.

To understand better, you may check my blog post Rice Dumplings Wrapping Process.

YEAH, here comes to the exciting part, let's see the rice dumplings!
30 rice dumplings here.
According to my mom, this is the 2nd round she made rice dumplings =)

The closer look of the readily served rice dumplings! 

*SLURP* my lunch for the day! so yummy!


© All images and words are copyrighted 2012-2013 by Carene Cheang. 
All rights reserved.

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