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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Have A Glimpse of Greece at Santorini Park; Cha-am; Hua Hin

Santorini Park is one of the popular tourist attractions in Cha-am/Hua Hin, Thailand and it's opened since May 2012. It's the ideal place for photography session as we have met several pairs of couples and pre-wedding shooting session during our visit to Santorini Park. Santorini Park is inspired by the architecture in Santorini, the place which I dream of visiting one day. The vivid and colourful Santorini Park with most classic whitewashed buildings with blue colour painted windows and contrasting colors like purple, yellow and pink, stone-paved streets with blue borders and lots of decorative miniatures that provide you endless photography opportunities.

Santorini Park is divided into five different zones- Park Zone, Village Zone, Rest Area, Activity Zone and Weekend Art Market. Admission fee is 50 baht per person and I think that this is a good place for family trip. Additional fees are applied if you would like to take rides at ferris wheel, enjoy at the fun park, visit haunted house, 3D musuem, photography session and etc. The Santorini Park is not very huge, yet have lots of labyrinths and many retailers which you could step into to explore your favorite items and many places that you might be interested to take photos with.

During our visit to Santorini Park, it was a sunny day and I felt lucky to have bought a hat for myself to prevent sunburn. We spent almost 4 hours here with the main activities were snapping photos and window shopping. With the colourful sculptures and nicely painted backgrounds, it made Santorini Park a dreamy place with photography opportunities at every corner even inside the washroom which had been designed like having underwater aquarium with fish sculptures and water fountain. For the both of us who are photography enthusiast, we really enjoyed the artsy vibe and pretty architectures in Santorini Park; Cha-am!


While we strolled along the labyrinths of Santorini Park, we had a quick lunch at one of the restaurants. Pad Thai and spring rolls were our choice of foods, nothing much special. 

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