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Monday, July 18, 2016

Hua Hin- Get Close to Farm Animals and Photo-snapping at Swiss Sheep Farm

Swiss Sheep Farm had reminded me of UK Farm at Kluang Malaysia since both farms were having similar concept of leisure farm with the opportunities given to get close to the animals especially sheeps. Swiss Sheep Farm located opposite of Santorini Park yet separated by a two-way road which was not easy to go across. The drive from Santorini Park towards Swiss Sheep Farm took about 15-20 minutes.

Swiss Sheep Farm, a replicate of European-style sheep farm with animals in a western-like farm settings with English Telephone Booth, Dutch Windmill and beautiful setup targeting for couples. It's a scenic farm for getting close to the farm animals (sheep, goat, horse, pony, rabbit, alpaca, duck ) and photo-taking session since there're 3D paintings at a corner as well. Admission fee is higher compared to Santorini Park with 120 bath per adult. We spent almost 2 hours here and left just in time before the heavy downpour.

Dairy Goats Show 

They even set up animals grave here.
Bla Bla Black Sheep.. I spotted one with black furs~

As the name of the European-style farm suggested, many sheep were spotted.
Sheep feeding are allowed with fees applied.

With the fluffy sheeps

The barn

Colourful barn heaped with dried wheat with the farm's tools seen here.

We had no idea why Spiderman spotted in the farm barn.
You could observe how they get the goat's milk too.

Cute donkeys



Alpaca Station needs entrance fees to enter to view the alpacas. Since we weren't much interest, so we just had a glimpse over the gate and left to other spots.

Random Western clichés in Swiss Sheep Farm
A English phone booth at Thailand farm :)

Miss Netherland so much after seeing this windmill.

The Europe-style buildings

3D Museum 
There were limited 3D paintings in the small museum but you could had fun to pose.

Other 3D Paintings

If you love to get close with farm animals, you might find Swiss Sheep Farm worth to be visited. Activities like riding horse and feeding animals are available here. As there're many photogenic setting in Swiss Sheep Farm, we had a great time here. Oh yea, there' re many background suitable for lovers such as paddocks of love, frame of love, love sculptures and etc.