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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Thailand cuisines @ Friendly Kitchen Thai Food; Hua Hin

After vineyard tour, we headed back to town seeking for lunch. The high ranking of Friendly Kitchen Thai Food had been attracted us hence we provided the map to the driver to bring us here. It was difficult to be found as it's tucked behind a busy area of the bustling town and you might need to ask the locals for the direction towards Friendly Kitchen Thai Food. We were warmly greeted when we arrived Friendly Kitchen Thai Food.

Saw this map shared in Google

We were greeted warmly with the female boss who could speak well in English. The menu had dual language i.e. English and Thai language associated with the photos of food eased us in ordering our meals. The environment was clean and quite many locals dined here.

The foods here were tasty with affordable prices. The downside was the food portion which was smaller than our expectation, but sufficient for both of us. The service was great and I got to know that a free meal (fried rice/ fried noodles) provided to the driver/ tour guide. A pleasant food-ordering process as the female boss was very attentive and friendly. We ordered stir-fried vegetables with chicken meats and cashew nuts, steamed seafood in coconut and green curry chicken. 

Steamed seafood with curry paste in coconut
The very presentable dish with fresh prawns and squids served in a coconut.The combination of coconut fresh meat with seafood and rich curry paste was succulent. Steamed seafood with curry paste in coconut had just enough spicy zing to wake me up from afternoon sleepiness and it's very appetizing to be matched with the rice.

Green curry chicken
The Thailand Green curry chicken we had in Krabi trip was delicious, hence we had this dish ordered as well. It had pungent scent of the coconut milk. The freshness of Thai Green Curry paste really blended well together with creamy coconut milk in this recipe. The chicken meats were tender and this dish was very flavorful. 

Stir-fried vegetables with chicken meat and cashew nuts
This dish was rather bland yet still acceptable as the other two dishes were rich with flavors.
I preferred it to have more cashew nuts and in bigger portion.

The female boss helped us to capture this photo.

Coconut beverage with fresh coconut meats to quench the thirst