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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Dwaeji Galbi,Pajeon, Kimchi Soup, Korean style fried chicken@Gangnam 88; Solaris Mont Kiara

With the uprising of Korean culture in Malaysia, Korean restaurants and cafes are sprouting everywhere especially in KL city. However, it's very difficult to convince my mom to try Korean cuisines as her choice of foods is only around Chinese style.

Upon the celebration of Father's Day after the consecutive examination weeks of siblings, dad had provided the menus for mom to choose over with the persuasion that he'll foot the bill. Gangnam 88 was the choice for us to taste Korean cuisines.Ever since South Korean musician Psy’s Gangnam Style had gone viral on YouTube, the word "Gangnam" had been a popular word in most people’s dictionary including my mom, this was one of the reason why Gangnam 88 was chosen to be dined at. Secondly, we wanted to dine at a restaurant which served wide range of Korean cuisines such as bibimbap, BBQ foods, kimchi soup and etc.  It's located strategically at the 1st floor above Coffee Bean at Solaris Mont Kiara.

Considering the crowds and waiting time, we went to Gangnam 88 around 6pm. We were greeted warmly when we stepped into Gangnam 88. At Gangnam 88, you'll be seeing LED TV playing the latest K-Pop musics from famous idols like G-Dragon, Girls’ Generation, Super Juniors and etc., accompanied with the posters of K-Pop stars are placed all over and the cabinets fill with Korean stars merchandises.

I guess the man who is wearing blue shirt is the owner of this shop.

Menus were provided as soon as we were seated. The man who wore a blue shirt was suspected as the shop owner as he's not wearing the uniform as the rest of waiters/ waitresses. He helped in explaining the foods after seeing us flipped through the menus for several times, Eventually we opted for family set which consisted of pajeon (pancake), kimchi soup, seafood jeongol, BBQ pork galbi (Dwaeji-galbi ), sweet and sour fried chicken. While we ordered soju, he had a short chat with us. A joke that I merely remembered was we asked for whereabouts of Song Joong Ki when he asked what else he could help. He pretended to call him and said that Song Joong Ki would be arrive within minutes. Well, a lively and funny chat though.

Soju for us to cheer!

Seafood Jeongol
Similar like what we saw from other tables, the soups were served to boil till piping hot on the portable stove. Spicy and tangy soup was really comforting and satisfying as a starting meal. The cabbages, sliced pork bellies, ramyoon, mushrooms, dumplings were the ingredients,

Webfood octopus pancake
Seafood pancake was the staple snack that we had while we waited for the rest of Korean foods to be served. The seafood pancake was packed with a generous amount of ingredients, we shall try its kimchi pancake during next visit.

 Kimchi Soup 
The signature Korean dish which was served with the delectable ban chan (side dishes) came next. The side dishes included bean curds, eggs, fried anchovies and nuts; kimchi, potatoes and seaweeds. The fermented kimchi vegetables provided deep flavor to the broth and it tasted appetizing when ate together with sliced pork meats and bean curds. Kimchi soup here was not too sour and spicy, warming our stomachs after consuming the pork and chicken.

Sweet and sour chicken
The deep-fried crispy chicken meats were glazed in a sticky, sweet, and spicy sauce. My mom and I loved this dish very much and we had eaten so many bite-sized boneless chicken pieces. 

Dwaeji-galbi – RM49 (large portion)
Their tasty savory sauce’s recipe is from South Korea’s Jeju Island restaurant for more than 30 years as mentioned. The sizzling BBQ pork ribs were marinated well and very flavorful. We tried having the bite-sized meat wrapped with leafy vegetables as shown in Korean dramas.

The photo was taken right after all foods were served. 

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience to dine a wide range of delicious Korean cuisines. A Korean restaurant that offers a splendid variety of foods, worth for the price paid. 

GANGNAM88 - 1 ST Mont't Kiara Solaris
No. 1-1, Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mon’t Kiara
Off Jalan Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 - 6206 5888
"No break time"
am 11:30 ~ am 01:00

N03 10.30.36, E101 39.35.23