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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bad day

Last Thursday~

It was a terrible day that I had gone through where something bad had happened to me unexpectedly. It's my own mistake for carrying two luggages with a backpack on my back when go back to KL. I did not sleep well on the previous night as something had happened and indeed it ruined my mood. Huh...

It was around 5pm which was the rush hour in KL.The train was crowded when it arrived at the station of Bandar Tasik Selatan. I felt my right body being pushed into the train but I thought that it was normal since many people disembarked while the people standing behind me were just rushing into the train. I was managed to enter the train and standing near the door. After putting down my luggages on the floor whilst the door of ktm closed, I tucked my hand inside my right pocket of my jeans and found that the phone wasn't there. I quickly reach for it in my left pocket yet it wasn't there too. I began to feel frightened and quickly searched for my handset in luggages and backpack. It's gone! I asked the people who standing around me if they ever see anyone taking something out from my pocket. The feeling of losing handset was very terrible and I felt so hopeless! Huh..I realized that I had been pickpocketed when the people disembarked out from the train that moment. I had been asking people around to lend me handset to call my parents and sister yet I was very unlucky to have them not picking the phone. I had the Hobson's Choice to call him to contact my sister since I am using other's handphone for few moments. I felt so ashamed of myself for encounter accident again when I reached KL. I was even being advised by some passengers for being extra be careful when taking KTM.

Huh...luckily my mom was contacted finally and she reached to fetch me. I burst into crying when met her,knowing that it's the second time I met accident when came back from Johor. Naturally, I was being scolded by mom for not being careful and bringing two luggages on hand. Shall I felt relieved that I am still alive and my purse was not gone? I had to pay RM15 for the sim card to be replaced. When I recalled back, the lost handset was almost out of battery thus the credits were not being used. Yet, my heart is still bleeding ever since I lost the phone as many memorable messages had been kept inside the handset and now, they are forever gone. I also regretted that I didn't copy the phone numbers and therefore it became a great problem for me later on to try to contact the persons whose names were kept in the phone. Sighed...Am I looked very blur, easy to be cheated or pickpocketed?But I do know that it was my mistake too for not being careful in the crowded area. Sighed! Minutes before being pickpocketed, I even had used my handset to try contacting my home! Argh!!!

I really hate the society in KL. nowadays..The main factor for all the social skulduggery in KL. or any big cities is that the country has recruited too many foreigners especially Negroid. Look, I am not having discriminative attitude towards them but the recruitment of foreigners in malaysia is seemed to be out of control nowadays. Our country cannot track the lost mobile phone like some other countries out there.. Haiz.. can't our government or authorities enhance themselves and take draconian measures towards the social decadence?!

I miss my Nokia 6120...I couldn't buy it from marketplace anymore...=( I felt so regretted for not backup my phonebook and certain messages~ I felt awfully upset because parents took this accident openly and dad even got me a handset yesterday. It's a lesson to be learnt and I really have to be cautious when going anywhere from now onwards.

Nevertheless, I really appreciated the help given by the KL.central guy, the uncle and the malay auntie who had lent me to use their handsets to contact people for help...

I miss the days I used to have smooth paths to move on safely..
I miss the days I used to be cheerful and brave...
I miss the days I don't put up fake smiles..Huh...seriously, when the bad days will leave me?