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Monday, January 31, 2011


There are something which are impressive that I wish to share with..

1)Listen by Jess Lee

I love her singing..indeed she is very talented in singing! She really touched my heart with her songs!

2)勇敢by Jess Lee

This song was previously sang by Ah Mei. I noticed this going-to-be superstar from Facebook fan page few days ago. It's a touching song and the lyrics are well written. (This song had me making approaches to reach out for the person that day. )Hmm.. I love the way she sang!

3) A Japanese song lyrics to be shared.. Well, I was shocked of knowing the meaning of the lyrics after looking at the translation. Thanks Jen Wei for introducing this song to me..

Spontania - Now And Forever (feat. Ito Yuna)

Lyrics: Spontania, Ito Yuna, Jeff Miyahara
Music: Spontania, Ito Yuna, Jeff Miyahara, RYLL, coco

I won’t forget you for as long as I live
We can’t go back
You will always be close to my heart
Even now

I always took it for granted
Seeing you happily by my side

Then I started to see it all change
I wanted to warm your hand that was always shivering

Even if I love someone else, I can’t let you be just a memory
It doesn’t matter where I end up, I just want to see you again

*Even now I want to see you, I’ve been thinking about you
Even now I still haven’t forgotten that Love Song
My lonely heart full of Memories
Hold me like you did that day, One More Time

I wanted to thank you but I couldn’t while you were around
I’m sorry that we broke up.
At the end, I’d like to call out your name once more

You’re still smiling on my cell phone
You still look so caring to me, I can’t erase your pic even if I wanted to

We were like kids as we joked with each other
And I miss carrying you around on my back

Time has passed since then and someday I should forget this pain
But you taught me the meaning of love and I can’t let you go


“I’m lonely,” I can’t bring myself to say those words
The world has come to nothing

You know I love you, even now

If you had stayed with me, I would’ve made you happier than anyone
Fly Away to that day, to that place

Even now I want to see you, I’ve been thinking about you
Even now I still haven’t forgotten that Love Song
My lonely heart full of Memories
Hold me like you did that day, once more

I hear you call
I hear you say my name
Tonight, I’ll remember you



Did anyone of us notice the word of love in Mandarin Chinese has the word of Friend?Is that actually meaning love begins with friendship and if the love ends, the both people should still remain being friends at least? hmm..

  • Wan Tian haha..if you notice the traditional word...actually is not 友,but more like 久....另外宝盖儿通常是用于受保护的意思,例如:家,宝等。所以根据繁体,爱是把那个人长长久久保护并保存在心里。
    by the way, just my point of view ya..XD

I like the way she interpreted the chinese traditional word of 'love' i.e. love is embedding the person inside the heart forever...


There's an interesting page which discuss why would couples broke up, parents divorced and so on. Well, most of the reasons that such occasion occur are because of lack of commitment, cannot reach the expectations of each other, lack of communication and etc. I opine that there's no one can be 100% compatible with in the world. There's none of us will be 100% perfect so it's ridiculous to expect the one you love to be the one that you wish her to be. Someone told me that relationship= love+feeling+communication+tolerance+honesty/trustworthy...Now I think that appreciation should be added into the equation.

有些東西,無需想起,但从沒忘記 ……mi manchii molto