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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lost of mobile phone Nokia 6120

As Chinese New Year is approaching, mom has been busy baking cookies again! Hehe.. I really felt thankful to have a wonderful mom who is great in baking cookies! I will be having coffee almond cookies, kuih bangkit 番婆饼, green pea cookies, almond cookies, cornflakes cookies and etcetera. Somehow looking at the tolerance existing between parents, I felt glad of it. (Dad tolerates with mom who likes baking many cookies to her siblings... Well, if you count the prices of the materials to bake cookies and preparation for CNY eve's food, somehow will feel heartache.) hmm...

With the lost of Nokia 6120, I am like losing something that is very important to me.. Is that because of the messages and photos that I kept inside the mobile phone? or due to the songs that ever being shared with? Hmm...well, I told my dearie godsis, siew teng about the lost of handphone and missed the contents of it, and she told me that she believed everything inside the mobile phone did not disappear but had been embedded inside my heart. Hmm.. yeap, what she said was true! With the lost of it, I realized how much I had treasured those messages,photos, songs, everything of it! Sighed..