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Monday, February 21, 2011

H.I.A.T.U.S .. Hiatus

Recently edited the picture above with different effects, somehow looking at it, I felt calm..(I don't know why..)
There are some interesting and meaningful phrases I read from Facebook :

  • 不要做刺猬 ,能不与人结仇就不与人结仇 ,谁也不跟谁一辈子 ,有些事情没必要记在心上 ...
  • 没有十全十美的东西,没有十全十美的人,关键是清楚到底想要什么。得到想要的,肯定会失去另外一部分。如果什么都想要,只会什么都得不到。
  • 纠缠,如同一根橡皮筋,时刻拉着自己,稍点就感受到那紧迫的束缚,让人感觉厌倦和疲劳,慢慢的就会开始有了逆反心理,然而这一种紧密的力量把这样的两个人连在一起,系在了一起。一个拽,一个跑,彼此因为对方感觉到自己的存在,不空虚,不寂寞.
  • 真正的矛盾,不是不理解一个人,而是你不会宽容它的缺点

Anyway,calvin, if you read my blog, i wish to tell you that let's just entail forgiving the person. Perhaps we shall cheer for knowing the truth earlier although we hate accepting all that had happened, take care..We experience a loss or betrayal and are filled with hurt and anger. We blame the person who wronged us as the cause of our pain. At this point, we're not considering that we have a choice about how to respond. We're just feeling wounded by the offense.

Read more: http://www.thirdage.com/divorce/the-four-stages-of-becoming-a-forgiving-person#ixzz1Ebkjhf48

ps: Thanks to er xuan who sent me this article..

My sun is rising up again...
Thanks to those who have shared many meaningful articles, their bittersweet stories with me..
The aids you all gave, the trust you all have in me, the supports you all gave...
I really felt touched and appreciative with the presence of you all.
Thank you..
I will be fine and learn to be tough..