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Friday, February 18, 2011


In drama, movies, and so on
the actors always claimed that they are having heartache during certain circumstances,
but how many know what it really feels like
it's like the chambers of your heart
shrinking immediately with no blood can pass through,
suffocating is the best described
do you know
I feel that every time
when realizing that there's none I really can trust of...
and there's none I can share my sorrows with..
The world is cruel with so many double-faced person around..
The person you are trusted with may actually doing so many tactics behind..
My life is sickening with the presence of you.. I really hate what you have done..
And the person I cared the most doesn't trust in what i said and done..

the sorrow will pass,
the happiness will soon follow,
and being me,
just await the time,
for the dark to go.