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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

being understanding

Well, everyone of us is created with different attitudes, personalities, and etc. Sometimes,we get frustrated, down, depressed that why people don't understand us, but we couldn't blame them as not everyone could put themselves in our shoes.Some people believe that you have to experience what i experience in order to understand how they feel and not by just the phrase "I understand how you feel.." or " it will be the past soon, you will get over it". Sometimes, i feel people are so selfish that they only think about themselves but not the feelings of others. I read from an recent article, perhaps if i put it in a nicer way, maybe they are just not understanding enough and they can't put themselves in your shoes.

Well, I am not a perfect person who always fail in managing my emotions, but at least I am going to try my best to be understanding enough. ^^..( Hopefully I will reduce my question of asking ' Why can't you understand me?'). After all, I just felt funny after I asked that, as the answers from others might be" why should I understand you?!"... SILLY ME..

Nah, I am trying to improve myself to be a better person. A person who aged up to 21 right now is supposed to have maturity to handle stress and emotions well.. Hmm, hopefully I can improve in this.