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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Will there be someone that could understand me?

It seems like I have no freedom to do the things I want, I desire to...Sometimes, in my life, I felt that the journey I walk through is getting harder and harder even I always keep the faith that everything will get better in time. My wound never get better, indeed it's pain~ My world has become so dark and empty with the hope being ruined..I am just feel like breaking down and hoping to leave to somewhere there will be having no sorrows, no troubles, no weeps, ....

I am tired of explaining things that I don't even know how to express it out now...You don't have to believe in me if you don't trust me. I am sick of everything that is happening to me, my family and my aunts...My family has no peace of facing a sicko neighbor who has(had) threatening the life of ours. My house may be burned by her one day and the whole family is living in worries. My beloved aunt is having severe sickness nowadays and I could only pray hard to have her being safe and recovered. How could I burden up my family when they have faced problems too? Shall I still begging for concerns from them or making them worried?! Can anyone knows how I feel right now? I am feeling lost, hurt, and I am really helpless! I wish I could run away from everything!

To whom that finds it fun to be fooling around, you don't know what it's like until you wear the shoes in mine! Don't throw any useless and stupid blames on me when you don't even know what is really happening! Give me some peace of mind...

It's said to be everyone has his or her own problem to face with, I don't hope to burden up my friends who have their own obstacles too..Somehow, I just hope that there will be someone I can rely on when I need help the most and now I just feel no one will be there for me..

And all my sorrows made their bed beside me
The shame, the disgrace, and the brutality,
Leave all the sorrows behind me,
Trying to overwhelm with calmness,
Being the true self of mine...