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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Europe Trip- Netherlands | Amsterdam Canal Cruise and Gassan Diamonds Tour

15th November 2014

The day tour from Amsterdam Day Tour- Sight-seeingZaanse Schans for windmills and Volendam for the culture experience and delicious fish and chips continued with Amsterdam Canal Cruise.

The Amsterdam Centre was a place where you could see the people and the advanced transportation network. I was mesmerized by the transportation system of Amsterdam which was so much advanced, convenient and straight-forward.The extensive public transport network connects different districts by train, tram, bus and metros.

A photo with the nice buildings which had chirstmas decoration and bicycles at Amsterdam.

Due to the numerous canals through the city and the countless bridges, Amsterdam is often called the Venice of the North. Some facts about Amsterdam canals:

There are 165 Amsterdam canals that combine for a length of over 100 kilometers (about 60 miles). The Canal Ring became part of the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2010.

We bought the Day Canal Cruise tour of Lovers Company, a lovely company's name.

Amsterdam Canal Cruise

We spent an hour to have Amsterdam sight-seeing on an informative canal cruise in a glass-doomedboat along the Skinning Bridge, Stoppera, harbour, Prince Canal, Emperor Canal and so on.

The narrowest house in Amsterdam were built to minimize property taxes which based on frontages.The Amsterdam gables; generally triangular portion of a wall between the edges of a dual-pitched roof could be seen lining along the canals.These fine piece of well maintained architecture with a unique character which could be seen in Amsterdam only.


The Skinning Bridge- one of the most famous bridge along Amsterdam Canal.
Well, the Dutch draw bridge opens to let boats pass through and yes, it's still functioning well.

the Blue Bridge and my peace pose :)

The most favourite photo that captured during Amsterdam Canal Cruise. 

Gassan Diamonds Showroom

We had visited Gassan Diamonds Showroom to see how raw diamonds polished into sparkling gems which had 121 facets. Okay, girls' eyes would be sparkling when see these shining diamonds. It was a less-than-five-minutes introduction about the process of making Gassan Diamonds.

We were then taken to an office where samples of diamonds and jewelry were passed round for us to try and have a better look. The Singaporean was really knowledgeable and prices of diamonds were clearly elucidated based on the clarity, color, cuts and so on. 
So, when would I get mine? haha...

We spent more than 3 hours here because few woman had been choosing and comparing the prices. Well, unlike others mentioning in trip advisor website, the total of 30 of us were not served with any drink. Some of us were sleepy and starved while the rest were busy choosing. I would say it's not really worth to have a shopping spree but it's worth to visit this Gassan Diamonds Showroom. After all, 3 hours plus spending here was a bit too much. I could have utilized the time to visit Anne Frank's House. 

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