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Friday, November 14, 2014

Europe Trip- Netherlands | Zaanse Schans

15th November 2014

The first destination of the day was Zaanse Schans, one of the highlights of Netherlands. The countryside of Amsterdam has this wonderful place where we find wooden clogs, beautiful windmills and experience the cheese-making process.The windmill district of Zaanse Schans is really an ideal place for Amsterdam day trip and being a part of a vibrant and stunning community that dates back to the 18th and 19th century with the beautiful collections of windmills was really an amazing experience. If you like to visit the large landscape of handful windmills, you may consider visiting Kinderdijk 

It's remarkable to mention that there’s no entry fee to enter the village to view the relocated houses, windmills, barns that form a replica of a typical Zaanse village since 1961.The scenery on the journey towards Zaanse Schans was breathtaking.

Moo moo cow
Zaans Museum which we did not have time to visit.

Wooden Clog Workshop

Okay, that's a must to take a picture with the Dutch handcraft clog.

The clog-clog making process had been showcased and the demo clogs were sold at a reasonable price of 2 Euro for each pair. 

Obviously he showed how durable the wooden clogs were.

I liked the tulips and Dutch lady's fridge magnets very much, yet my dad chose the holland windmills and clogs which were more representative icon of Netherlands. Hmm, anyone would like to send me one Dutch lady's fridge magnet?

Sincerely speaking, I was regretted for not bringing a pair of demo clogs for using as vase like the photo above showed.

Cheese Workshop

Cheese-making process

We were lucky to listen to the Chinese version of explanation on cheese making process.

1kg of cheese
Cheese paradise which has the different types of cheese such as cheese with herbs, with garlic, with cumin, smoked, goat cheese, porcelain and etc.

Obviously the Dutch has started to prepare for Christmas.

Chocolate shop

Netherlands, of course are well known for their impressive windmills. The village is stunningly established with the spinning windmills, green fields, characteristic green, orange and brown wooden houses, small hump-backed bridges and etcetera. I was attracted by the nice view of colorful Dutch houses reflecting on the canals or river banks.Wind energy is created by these beautiful windmills; and have been useful deployed for many years in Netherlands.

The curious goat saying "Hi" to us.

The visit to picturesque Zaanse Schans was a remarkable trip. If you have more travel time, do remember to visit the first Albert Heijn Grocery shop, the Bakery Museum 'In de Gecroonde Duyvekater', the Dutch Clock Museum, The Noorderhuis Costume Museum and some other nice museums. The day trip had not yet ended, we headed to Volendam for lunch and sight-seeing.

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