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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Europe trip- Netherlands | Rotterdam- Central Station, Euromast Tower, Cube Houses and Erasmus Bridge

16th November 2014

After visiting Kinderdijk, we continued with sight-seeing tour in modern city; Rotterdam. Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and one of the largest ports in the world. The heart of Rotterdam city was destroyed by bombings during the World War II. The damage in Rotterdam was the largest in an urban setting during the World War II with many residents' houses were demolished. Rotterdam was rather different nowadays as it had become a developed city.

Central Station

The Euromast Tower

Cube houses

These famous cube houses were designed and constructed by the architect Piet Blom in the 1970s.
It was an amazing idea of having the cube houses built above the pedestrian bridge.The concept was creating a forest by each cube representing an abstract tree; making the area looked like a village made of cubes.We were given 5 minutes for photography session. I was more curious of the internal design of these cube houses.

A photo with the Dutch bicycles :)
By the way, most bicycles weren't locked. 

Rotterdam Erasmus Bridge

The Erasmus Bridge is a combined cable-stayed and bascule bridge across the Nieuwe Maas, connecting the north and south parts of the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We were unfortunate to experience rains when arrived at Erasmus Bridge. Well, we were still headed for taking some photos as we did not want to have regrets as in London Tower Bridge. Anyway, the rains stopped during our photography session.

Abel Tasman Ship?

Lunch @ McDonald Koopgoot Shopping Centre

I had been saying that no fast foods that I could find in Malaysia to be taken in Europe trip before I embarked onto my Europe trip. Yet, the groups had chosen McDonald as lunch. Well, one of the reasons was the washroom residing in it.Anyway, it was unlike in London, here charged 50 cents euro with a small coupon given for each entry to the washroom.

one of the street food

Cascade; the sculpture of oil barrels and melting figures and I.

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