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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Europe Trip- Netherlands | Amsterdam Night Scenery

16th November 2014

The time spent at Scheveningen was about 15 minutes and we departed to Amsterdam for our dinner. The tour guide mentioned that we could drop by Hard Rock Cafe and Amsterdam Casino after our dinner.The weather was cold and the wind was more menacing at night. I had to wrapped myself with the thick scarf to avoid freezing.

We did not enter Amsterdam Casino as it had entrance fee even we just wanted to visit or stroll around to have a look. Hence, we went to the shops nearby and visited Hard Rock Cafe. My dad and I was consistently controlled the shopping spree over here. Haha, the shirts, tops, jackets were beautiful, yet we had to be thrifty for the next destination.

So, a window-shopping and sight-seeing at Hard Rock Cafe. Anyway, I had bought myself a pair of Merrell hiking sport shoes with discount price offered.

Anyone wants to play chess with me?

A wonderful experience I had in Netherlands.
The extensive cycle trip from South Holland to the North was really amazing.
The final day in Amsterdam ended and we will touch down another country on the next day.
Stay tuned for my blog post about the country which fulls of Romance!

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