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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Europe Trip- Paris | Galleries Lafayette and French Cuisines @ Chez Edouard French Restaurant

 18th November 2014

After the cruise excursion, we had come back to the shopping heaven; Galleries Lafayette. The few of us weren't so happy with the idea of spending another 5 hours in Galleries Lafayette. We would be delighted to utilize the noon time at any famous museum in Paris. Anyway, the majority had won so we landed to Galleries Lafayette till 7pm. We were starved and had simple lunch at Sze Chuan restaurant at the 7th floor of Galleries Lafayette.

Chez Edouard French Restaurant  located near Rue Saint-Honore. The best French cuisines I had in Paris and I had pleasant dining experience with the good quality food, atmosphere and service. We seemed to be the largest group being served in Chez Edouard. A bottle of red bordeaux wine was placed at each table of 4 person.

Escargot with herb butter

It was my first try of French appetizer - snails. Escargot with herb butter was very good as the snails were succulent and the herb butter enriched the taste. Mr. Sam had one dozen of escargot with herb butter. Eye rolls~~ LOL

The seafood platter with fresh oysters, whelks, prawns, and crabs in a large plate of crushed ice. 
Nice food for sharing

Mr. Sam's wife told us to have some bites of french bread before eating the cold seafood. This could help in preventing stomachache or diarrhea. I just tried one of the oysters.

Let's see what are the choices of main course you could have in Chez Edouard. The main course chosen by my lovely partner; Ying was a poached salmon with Beurre Blanc. From the view of the course, I did feel lucky I did not choose it as the portion seemed to be small for me. 

My choice of main course was Steak Au Poivre or lamb steak in a nutshell. The peppery lamb steak was unexpectedly tender. I seldom choose lamb steak or beef steak even in Malaysia as the meat was usually on the tough side and somestimes with a strong gamier flavor and odor. Steak Au Poivre did not make me disappointed. Steak Au Poivre was garnished with a sprinkling of freshly chopped parsley and potato fries. I personally preferred the fries I had in Volendam.

Beef steak -the another choice of main course

The dessert was a slice of apple tart which ended the dinner.
I was hoping for French ice-cream to be served, yet we were told that there wasn't any ice-cream left in the restaurant.

The restaurant is dimly lit and have nice internal decoration.The tour guide said that it is one of the places renowned for group tours and usually quite noisy.We were lucky that there wasn't many group tours hence the atmosphere was nice and relax with swift service provided. In short, we had a pleasant dining experience at Chez Edouard.

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