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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Europe Trip- Paris | Japanese Cuisines @ Higuma Japanese Restaurant (Palais Royal/Louvre Museum)

19th November 2014

We strolled along the road from Louvre Museum for lunch. The weather of the day was unexpectedly cold and all of us would like to indulge in some warm Asian food. Higuma Japanese Restaurant was our choice of dining place as the menu showing that the food was in reasonable price (around 8 euro).
I shall say it's a coincidence that we stumbled upon Higuma Japanese Restaurant which was having a high ranking of restaurants in Paris. It was just right across the road from Louvre Museum which was convenient for us to return later.

A cup of warm green tea was served in time to warm our hands and body.

Higuma Japanese Restaurant was crowded and we had to wait for about 5 minutes to be seated. My dad ordered fried noodles while the rest of us ordered ramen.I supposed he waitresses and waiters were Asians as they spoke Mandarin. In other words, this shall be not authentic Japanese cuisines. In the beginning, foods were served fast. It was a total of  15 of us and they had forgotten to three meals. It sounded like reasonable, but of course it wasn't as we had requested the waitress to repeat our order yet she mentioned that she had remembered all. They did rectify immediately after we informed that three ordered meals were not served, however they missed out one order. Well, till the foods were served, no apology was heard. 

Fried noodles were unexpectedly delicious and flavorful. The name of the dish is yokisoba yet it's more like fried noodles that we could have in any Chinese restaurant. 

Syoyu Ramen

My bowl of ramen was served after more than 40 minutes of waiting. 

The requisite slice of smoked pork and fresh steaming ramen had mollify me as I was hungry. All I did was finishing it at the least time as we needed to head back to Louvre Museum.

Speaking of the food, I would say that the food are okay. The food are in large portion, served hot and reasonable priced. A good place for fulfilling your stomach's need but do not expect for authentic Japanese cuisine. Service is much to be improved as most patrons were visibly looking for waiters and having their orders missed out or mixed up.

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