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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Europe Trip- Paris | Musée du Louvre

19th November 2014

First and foremost, Musée du Louvre or Louvre Museum is a must visit place when in Paris. Musée du Louvre is arguably the world’s most famous museum with the vast collections of well-known masterpieces, artworks, paintings and sculptures. As we all know, it’s the territory of Monalisa painted by Leonardo da Vincci in Florence; Italy 500 years ago. The ambiguity of Monalisa’s expression is often described as enigmatic, providing your fascination run wildly. The museum has 380,000 objects inside; I don’t think one-day tour can cover all, perhaps just the recognized masterpieces.

Musée du Louvre is located in the core of the city, between the right side of the river Seine and Rivoli street, just in the first "arrondissement" of Paris. The building is an ancient royal palace that was first erected as a fortress in 1192 during the kingdom of Philippe Auguste, to protect the city from barbarian attacks. The Louvre Glass Pyramid is a large glass and metal pyramid serves as the main entrance to Musee du Louvre, surrounded by three smaller pyramids in the main courtyard - Cour Napoleon - of the Louvre Palace.We stopped to admire the beautiful surrounding of the ancient building through the modern glass grid. Of course, it was another photography session here.

As we had limited time to spend here, we did not manage to enter Musée du Louvre and just had the chance to capture photos in front of the famous glass pyramid in the middle of the central square. The inverted glass pyramid being a nice designed masterpiece which functions as providing light into the undergrounds. 

We had window shopping at the shop-lots beneath and enthralled with the range of nice souvenirs such as painting replica, puzzle, postcards, and etcetera. Everything seems to be so nice and interesting to me. Shall I just bring Paris back here?

Well, Musée du Louvre is surely one of the places that I would like to re-visit again.
I hoped that I could spend a day inside to view the nice artwork during the next visit.

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